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1 oz

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by DEA, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I just used almost an oz of shake/buds/stems extracted with 91% and only got a gram of potent hash.

    Is their something I did wrong? I need something with a higher yield. I got 21g,s of shake/bud I was going to make cannabutter
  2. sounds in the ballpark for iso hash. BHO might have yeilded more, mayne worth a try next time?
  3. youtube "dry ice hash"
  4. Yeah go for the dry ice hash, I'll give you a run down on it though:

    Basically all you need is dry ice, a 220 michron(or similar size) laundry bag thingy, a big enough bucket to hold your dry ice and bud, a big table and a credit card or something similar.

    Basically, toss the bud in the bucket, now add in the dry ice, let it cool for a while, now, flip the mixture into the laundry bag and shake it over the table, not too rough though. THC will be falling everywhere. WHen youre finished, scrape it up with the credit card and profit.

  5. How long did you wash it?
  6. did you wash it only one time?
    you can wash it a couple times. to get all of it out. but id use a couple coffee filters, or some kindof good filter to keep plant material out n sht.
    bho would have been your best choice

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