1 oz of liquid hyrdo

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by smokeytheburr, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. How much should i take to have a good high without passing out soon after the onset?
    The whole thing cuz 1 floz isnt to much. Im not even sure its enough.
  2. how many mg per 5ml/15ml of syrup?
  3. If its the 5/5ml syrup you shouldnt have much trouble feeling it. thats 30 mg's of hydrocodone. You might nod. You will nod if its 7.5 or 10 per 5 ml =P. I miss tussinex.
  4. Drink it all
  5. Dont do that.
    Figure out the mg of hydrocodone per 5ml of syrup. Try 20-30mg of hydrocodone.
  6. I miss my two bottles of 7.5mg liquid. Good times.
  7. i drink around an oz of tussionex to start noddin and take sips very 30 mins or hour. i have a decent tolerance though.

    i would just drink it all if i had it. :shrug:
  8. mix about 1 tbl spoon into a 22oz sprite from the gas station. drink it kinda slow. when you finish it, if you need more, dose like that, or take a few shots of whiskey after.
  9. ok i found out how much it was.... thank god cuz if i drank all of it i probably wouldve died... Never done PK's and its 50mg in that blotter. So how much?
  10. you wouldnt have died but you coulda possibly gotten sick and nodded off to a cozy slumber.:cool::smoking::smoking:
  11. that lasts forever!!!!! nah im jk but i dont like sick... sick is bad lol. I like leaning and feeling fucking amazing.
  12. 50mgs in the ounce? I've done that with little to no tolerence without any bad side effects, nodded for like 2hrs though haha.
  13. Sounds good... Tendonitis is about to get its ass kicked... although im sure i could get a script for it easy.

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