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1 oz mids

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by allthehype21, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. This is what I picked up over winter break for $170.
    Not the greatest, but it gets me/keeps me high.

    And because of a misunderstanding, my guy only brought 1 half oz the original day. Hence, 2 half oz bags of different kinds of weed.
  2. not bad at all man! happy toking :smoking:
  3. Not bad mids man, but tell your boy to give them to you for lower, because I know he gets them lower. ;)
  4. Thats some good mids, not to bad a price for 170$. Thats looks like the mids I can get
  5. nice pick up man im about to go get an oz myself but for a little less but who cares green is green enjoy
  6. Over here on the coast I would pay about 130-150 a oz for what you got in the first picture. Thats me though. Others get it for 160-180

    I picked up two onions this morning for $250 of the bottom picture.
  7. that doesnt look that bad at all, nice pickup
  8. Don't smoke it all at once...oh hell fuck it,Smoke it UP :D
  9. nice pick up. i smoke a lot of mids like that. but yea try and get a lower price because i get stuff like that for 100-120 depending on how much weight i get
  10. Good to know. I'll try and haggle with my dealer for a lower price next time.
  11. damn they seem decent, but that price is outrageous

  12. depending where you live i wouldnt be that optimistic of getting lower prices. the farther you get from Mexico prices go up fast on mids. where i live in Wisconsin i can get mids from 115-170$ an OZ depending on quality, the 115 stuff is barely smokeable and the 170 looks a lot like yours.
  13. mids can get a low as $90 but these mids look significantly better

    how many seeds are in this?
  14. i would deff smoke those mids. pretty solid price.
  15. I would be perfectly fine with that actually. but heh, we don't really get mids here... only dank :)
  16. that first half looks a little better than the second, but i cant complain. better price than what i pay around here :bongin: smoke up!
  17. Damn thats some cash ur spending on hat kind of quality. Maybe since I'm only 5-6 hours away from mexico I could get a qp of that tyoe of bud for $170. I guess I should be thankful.:smoking:
  18. for 170 thats a mighty fine deal
  19. damn... in tucson, az you can get better looking mids than that for $80/oz
    i love my dank, but you cant get a deal like that...
    actually it was really comparable to best stuff in mpls just BRICKED.

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