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1 or 2 Plant System

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MedicalMatt, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Been tokin for years, only tried to grow and parents ripped it out.

    Now that I'm out on my own it feel its time so I just want to know what I would need for just a couple plants in my closet or just in my room.

    A good little system, not too expensive but I'm willing to invest

    thanx GC :smoking:
  2. Go take a quick read through the growing section, its got everything you will need to know.
  3. Bingo. There's a wealth of knowledge here for research.
  4. trying to shortcut it
    there are miles of info on here and thought this was specific enough for a new thread
  5. You might want to post a thread asking questions in 'Absolute Beginners'. A lot of growers don't venture out of the growing sections.

    You can do a 2 plant system on the cheap no doubt. If you want to go with HID lighting I'd say a 250 watt HPS would do you fine and give you better yields than the alternative which would be T5 HO or CFL's (flourescents), but the latter would probably be cheaper.
  6. what about feeding wise?
    watering and nutrients
  7. That depends. If you're doing soil I'm not the guy to ask; been a lot of years since I did a soil grow indoors. What growing medium do you plan on using? What kind of system are you thinking about doing?

    That's why you really should start a thread or have this moved to the beginner's section in the Growing forums. You'll get a lot more input from other growers who don't look here.

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