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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by aeroblurg, Sep 4, 2001.

  1. When I was laying on my couch I herd a crunching sound coming from the kitchen. I wondered what it was so I got up to look and it was a stray cat eating my capin crunch! "How the hell did you get in here?" I yelled to the dumb creature. It just hissed at me. I went to see if I left a window open but it got in through the back door I forgot to close. I closed the door and went back to the cat. I approached it calmly and was able to get its collar off and I called the owner. The owner said he didn't want the cat anymore and I could keep it if I wanted to. So now I have dinner for tomorrow. Okay this story isn't true. I know I'm gonna eat it for breakfast instead. :)
  2. lol... uh...lol...lost for words man...im dead as shit, 35 bt's of hash
  3. It's all in the preperation. Tastes just like Chinese.
  4. So that was you that called earlier about the cat? Enjoy them vittles!

  5. With some variation, it can taste just like Korean, too ... It's all in your choice of spices and fixins. Though, my friend's ferret seems to think cats taste like chicken. Go figure. Just like a ferret ... :rolleyes:

    OK, I'll shut up, now. ;)

  6. No wonder I got to keep that damn cat. Theres something really wrong with it. Apearently it's life counter is stuck and won't count down from nine. I don't want to eat it alive but I can't kill it. And to top it all off it ate all my capin crunch. Any one want a cat? I'll put it in a big cannon and shoot to you.

  7. but it wont die.
  8. Cat chow mane
    kitten on a mitten
    meow stew
    cat in a blanket
    I'm hungry now. must find cat.must find cat.
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  9. woody: i asked the cat what its name was and it said "meow". then it vomited pea soup all over me.
  10. it vomits pea soup??? so it IS larry!! quick call an exorsist! ;)

    speaking of cats, our oldest recently plopped out 5 (6?) more little ones. anyone want more cats? Hey GanjaCat, hope you read this thread and are looking for some more feline friends. we have 8 (maybe 9, i heard squeeling that came from else where) of which i wish to keep about 4.

  11. If the cat's name is Larry - shoot it - don't eat it. The demon will be in you if you fry that baby up and eat it. Trust me, I know!

    Aero-Isn't pea soup actually vomit, anyway?

    ZONEDUDE - Thank you so much for the pussy-not-tasting-like-chicken twist to the topic. I feel so much better about life, now. I knew I could always count on you.
  12. lol damn i would never even go near a cat man those things are evil. wouldnt even think of crossing ones path. and if one came in my house...i would have to show it how my shotgun works :)
  13. it appears that my lap is a cat bed... damn lazy cats.

    i love the expression "the comfiest place in the house is under the cat" hahah so true ;)
  14. im not a bigfan of cat actually, i dont like its texture...

  15. quite, dogs are better. the chops are bigger too.
  16. hey digit wat area do u live in i have 2 cats and i think cats r cool as hell id take some if u live close to kansas

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