1 of a kind double perc bong!!!! Must see!

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  1. Check out my new bong I just purchased....its the absolute best thing I have ever toked! Beats any PHX and Roor I have tried easily IMO.

    Each perc chamber has 4 diffuser tubes...for a total of 8. It was custom made for me by Brandon at KIND CREATIONS in Colorado, he did a fantastic job!

    Approx 26", 5mm, w/ double bubble base/ diffuser stem and ice notches. It also has a double chamber ashcatcher with diffuser stem aswell. He even went the extra mile to sand blast my nickname into it! :hello:

    Tell me what you guys think!!!

  2. DAMN thats the SHIT
  3. woiw that thing is beautiful and i love thta he eched you nickname in it how much did it cost?
  4. wait a second

    where in colorado i might need to save up for a custom bong lol
  5. Thanks for the positive input gentlemen!
    Everything pictured was approximately $375 total...quite a steal if you ask me. Every single thing was custom tailored for me. Kind Creations was a pleasure to deal with.
  6. gorgeous +rep
  7. hot diggety damn, son!

    i actually said that^ out loud when the picture appeared on my screen...:bongin: :bongin:
  8. wow, i can honestly say that is the most incredible bong i have ever seen!
    and what a great price! your are a lucky man my friend, i envy you.

    is there by any chance a way to purchase one of these online?
    if so im next :D

    that is amazing.
  9. Thanks guys!:wave:

    Keep the comments rolling (no pun intended)...

    I figured if I was going to buy a Roor dealers cup and spend some serious cash...then why not have something crazy that is one of a kind made for me?!

    If anyone wants to contact Kind Creations about a possible custom job (or he has ones already made) just PM me. Tell him Jamie from BC referred you ;)
  10. wow $375 is a great deal
  11. Thats fuckin' great. Never seen one like it.
  12. Check ebay I have seen some of these on there. Very nice
  13. They always get pulled before they end:(

    I told him what I wanted and he did it beautifuly. It hits super duper smooth and gets you so high its unbelievable....:smoking:
  14. Id hit it. TWICE!

    VERY sweet bong man. Looks like its gonna keep you busy cleaning/filling :)

    Do double perc bongs hit nice or what :bongin:
  15. OH MY!!!! uhhh + rep before i just blow my load! THAT SHITS AWESOME!
  16. very nice. good price too. i like the colors.
  17. That could be the most beautiful glass I've ever seen, and that was an amazing deal at just $375, even if it hadn't been custom made. This is the kind of bong that will become everyone's dream piece! Man... congratulations. +rep for sure.
  18. Thanks! :)

    I got so wrecked off of it yesterday, it was scary! I'll have to get a pic or two of me ripping it soon.:smoking:

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