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Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. hey guys. well i know the drug war for the longest time has been a loosing battle. listeing to the raido this morning when i was in my shower i herd that in massachusettes my good ole home state, marijuana was decriminalized. it is no longer a jailable offence (under an OZ) this is a very happy thought. this shows that groups like NORML are really effective. i mean come on as we all know these thigns dont happen overnight. but one day in the younger members of the boards such as myself who arent in their 20's yet, we will see marijuana become leagalized.

    i am still baffeled as to why cigarettes are legal and marijuana isnt. in another thread that is still active on this forum is weed being a gateway drug to toher drugs. well auctually the only reason someone consider it that is because its still sold on a black market. if you take it away from such a hostile enviroment then who cares about other drugs? when your exposed to weed your all exposed to everythign else. i mean i watched a bad coke deal end up in gun violence. things like this are what is keeping weed from becoming 100% legal.

    i figure id share this with you guys since i know we all wanna see it legal someday. id smoke a bowl for this but im on a break :)
  2. they are trying to recriminalize it for cincinnati area by me then in turn do it for ALL of ohio, but hopefully we are putting up a big fight....hopefully
  3. definately mj leads to other drugs. all you gotta do is read some of the other threads on this forum. people are always asking what they can do for a buzz when they are dry or how to get higher off there weed? shit! everyone of those people would probably do anything you offered if they thought they could get high.
  4. Thats why my sig says Viva La Revolution. I honestly think that those people are the ones that don't smoke. I can't see myself or any stoners that I know searching through expired medicine for a buzz when they already have some of the natural stuff to smoke. I know I've asked some questions about DXM and LSA but for me thats not looking for a buzz, thats just seeing what else is out there. (I decided never to try dxm. Come on, it seems like it would be a pretty stupid thing to do.)
  5. wow thats sweet!

    all those cops and illegale b.s should all go fuck off and let us smoke:hello:
  6. yeaa!

    tony yayo fan eh?
  7. do you have any links to a website or anything proving this, i was just lookin around and didnt notice it, i really hope its true tho, because im pickin up today and i will no longer be a criminal!
  8. That's great about Mass. As far as the green leading to other drugs, I don't buy it. I think alcohol does that, if anything.
  9. I agree with RMJL it doesnt start at weed, you have to look at what starts the wanting for even maryjane, maybe you like the feeling caffine gave you, or maybe the cigarretes and alcohol you consume made you crave a little something more, when it all boils down its a personal decision i know poeple who do coke and other shit and never smoke weed.
  10. its up to the person themselves if they want to use drugs, and if weed is a gateway drug thats only b/c they label it as such. ive tried coke a few times, but for me weed is the only way to go, maybe throw in some nice shrooms every 3-4 months. Smoking pot OR drinking alcohol doesnt make me want to go smoke a rock or drink a bottle of robitussin while putting nutmeg in my ass. Self control is key.
  11. link for some info please :( this better be true mang
  12. i live a little over an hour from mass....if this is true, this thread has made my day :)
  13. Yeah! Im so excited, I hear it doesnt start till 2008 though, but a link would be nice.
  14. I'll hold off my celebration until I hear at least *one* news outlet cover this story. As of right now, even Google News hasn't heard of this apparent decriminalization, so honestly I don't really believe it's true. I may (and I hope) bite my tounge, but so far it doesn't really seem like this is panning out to be true.
  15. kinda funny you say that. the one thing i do when im outta bud is get crunked lol.....

    edit: cant find a link or anything but it was on the news and radio this morning. this is the closest i could find but that was valentines day when the bill was porposed http://www.wwlp.com/news2004/story.html?artID=331523
  16. You sure they said it?
  17. positive. cuz once i herd "marijuana" my ears perked up. ive been sober all week so i wasnt on anything either...
  18. Yay! so excited now:hello:
  19. wow, nice!

    I wouldn't have known about that if it weren't for you!

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