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1 more month until 4/20! :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sur, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. And so the countdown begins, ONE more month until 4/20! Y'all planning to do anything extra special other then the norm. smoking? Comment below!
  2. I dont know
  3. considering its my birthday i hope :D
  4. Edibles all day.
  5. So what? I smoke either way lol.
  6. im going to get higher then the sky
  7. who cares.... I smoke daily ..... 420 was cool in highschool now its just retarded
  8. dude its a day dedicated to smoking pot, how dare you say such a thing
  9. I'm more excited when I wake up on 4/20 than any other holiday
  10. Just another day for me, I get high like everyday. Now the day the officially legalize marijuana, I will celebrate the shit out of that day.
  11. Gonna go up London with a few mates and blaze with another 1500 fellow stoners, should be an amazing day.
  12. I wish I was cool enough to not care about 4/20 :smoke:
  13. My birthday's on the 26th, should be a good week :smoke:
  14. my Yumbolt 47 plant will be dried and ready to smoke on 4/20
  15. I'll probably smoke, but that's really it. I may not even smoke if I don't have anything to smoke.
  16. like I's cool in highschool now I have santa still exciting to you?
  17. I like 4/20 because though I smoke all the time, I know during that day sooo many people are high the same time I am. I wonder what people around me are smoking, and stuff like that.
  18. Wow, good thing I am mature enough to enjoy 3/20 all the same, and 3/21, and 3/22 for that matter.
  19. Hey, i still look forward to 420 every year and i smoke everyday. It's just more likely i'll blaze with people i usually don't get too or i can make/try/buy stuff i haven't used before and experiment :devious:.

    But i'm more looking forward to the day after. Seeing Tech9ne, Rebelution, Tribal Seeds, Kid Ink, Junior Reid, MGK, E40, Too $hort, and Afroman :smoking::smoking::smoking:

  20. Christmas = 4/20
    Santa = Stoned Weed Fairy

    I get excited for Christmas. Not Santa.

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