1 month old seedlings are cupping still. Help!!!!!

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  1. My four-month-old seedlings are cupping. It's been almost a week now and I am trying to figure out the issue. I am using LED lights, I have it 30 in from the light, the temperature ranges from 75 to 85 degrees, the humidity level is in the thirties without a humidifier and in the 50s with a humidifier. I don't know if it's light stress or heat stress if I keep my door open to my grow room closet the temperature stays around 77 to 80 degrees. So I'm not sure why the edges are still cupping up. I noticed my soil is taking longer than normal to dry up could it maybe be a lack of oxygen to the roots but the growth of my plant is not slowing down it is still moving at a decent pace. I was thinking about scaling the light back to 16/8 but I don't know if I should do that I don't want to stress my plants out
  2. A picture could help

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  3. And they are 1 month old

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  4. Nothin to worry about mate. Theyre a bit on the small side but otherwise pretty healthy.
    Shouldve filled the pot right up though.
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  5. Yea i realized I didnt fill the pot up like i should have.
  6. Yeah, all is good bro. Thats just the new growth coming in........might be a bt sensitive to the light since that growth is so young. It will get used to it though and be just fine.......my .02
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  7. Thanks for the input. ..how do I know when exactly to transfer the plant to a more full pot... or what signs should i look for
  8. Once theyre a bit taller fill the rest up mate. The stem just turns into more roots :) whats in them anyway, soil or coco?
    If its the latter i can offer some guidance. No good with soil though.
  9. Im using fox farm ocean forest soil
  10. Just one leaf cupping, I would not worry about it. Looks like it needs a bigger pot quite soon.
  11. Yea i was thinking that too.
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