1 Month Left To Live

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  1. What would you do if you went to the doctor and he told you this?
    Would you continue living life and let nobody know?
    Would you go on an adventure?
    Would you freak out and slip into depression?

    I was watching the news today and a dying man sad he lives in the moment , he doesn't worry about yesterday and he doesn't think about tomorrow , because if he lives really well today , then every yesterday is a dream of happiness and every tomorrow is a vision of hope.

    I would grab my passport and head out. I would explore as much of the world as I could , go inside caverns , visit museums , go see the pyramids. Do things I've always wanted , but haven't yet. I would skydive , I would make people happy. I don't think I would be sad about dying...

    There's one thing that every human being has in common , and that is that we all have an expiration date. Just because the date may be closer , means we should live our life better? Or should we live our life to the fullest every single day that we can?

    Anyways , what would you do? How would you take the news? I'm curious.
  2. I'd probably be a sad depressed sack of shit until I died just sitting there feeling sorry for myself
  3. We'll that fucking sucks. Why feel sorry for yourself. Everyone dies.
  4. Make a list of people that you don't like and go out with a bang.
  5. Cause it would be fitting. That's how I've lived my life recently if I were to get that news today that's how I feel I would handle it.
  6. Yeah I would wallow in my self defeat and get all kinds of fucked up. A month is not a lot of time.
  7. Aww you guys are so optimistic , lol.

    Live a little , literally in this situation.
  8. I'd do all the drugs.
  9. if i had the fund's i would drive all over the unitedstates and proceed too light my infinite stash of bluedream and drive...maybe leave some bastard kids out there in the vast briny sea 
  10. That's a dangerous mentality to have. And then you'd be remembered most by everyone for the spiteful atrocities you committed on your way out. Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean they shouldn't live. When people that think like this get suicidal is when we end up with shootings and killing sprees.
  11. I think I would try to successfully rob a bank , if I succeed then I would travel with that money , go see the northern lights , camp out in the dessert at night and look at the fucking stars. Just take in life. I would take my boo with me , I'm sure he'll be fine with spending a month with me doing random shit. Traveling , smoking , exploring , having good sex. Not worrying about bills , or school or work.....

    Why can't we just live life like that already? I'm bout to go full hippy in a minute....lol
  12. Yea I agree. I don't like some people , but I don't hate them enough to want to make a list and go for their necks. That's pretty fucked up
  13. It's just a thought, it's not advising anybody to go after innocent people.
  14. I would buy lots of weed, lots of unmentionables, a few cartons of cigs, a few cases of beer, and stand on the corner giving away 100 dollars to people who were willing to listen to my life advice.
    And also make sure to get laid.
  15. I only said it, I didn't mean it.
  16. Lol that sounds cool. I always said if I ever got rich I'd give a hundred bucks to random people. Makes you feel good. But I'm pretty sure you would cause a crowd or a huge commotion. "You hear about that drunk nigga givin out 100$ bills?" Lol
  17. No offense but that's not smart. You only got 30 days to live and you almost guarantee yourself that you'll spend all of them in jail. Robbing a bank is a very low percentage play. Plus you'll ruin your clothes.
  18. No, YOU are the one that threw in "spree", as in taking out innocent people. I neither said that or meant it.
  19. Lol I know man , but it's a thought. I'm sure I could find enough money to travel a bit anyways.
  20. Your last month be likee

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