1 month into veg/need help - PICS

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by josephspare21, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. 1 month into veg what do u all think?

    why r my leafs wrinkle?

    why are the leafs eges curling up like heat stress?
    i got my 150 watt hps 13 inches away and they still curl shouldent i be able to drop my light 8 inches from plant what the hell is with this curling?

    and whats up with leaf tips they clif alittle at the tips they r pointing down?
  2. Overall, that plant looks really good. Really good. The mottling can be brought on by pH swings.
  3. o i c ok thats good to hear and for the water i am useing r/o water i get from the water store its ph is 6.0 and my runoff was 5.0 (low) so i let sum tap water sit out for like 2 days and poured half a cup in a gal of r/o water and it raised up 6.5 ppms r still kool and i waterd it just like a day in half ago.

    what can u tell me about the egde curling at 1 month and light 13 inches away by now i thought i would be able to drop it atleast to 8 inchs by now?

    p.s. its OG SOUR KUSH SEEDS

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