1 Month into Flowering Lemon Sour Diesel

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  1. I'm using General Hydroponic Nutrients Micro and Bloom aggressive bloom...I'm a month into flowering and I'm wondering if anyone had a suggestion as to another nutrient to add for some extra potency or size ...i only have flourscent lights 1-63w and 2-23w 2700k 12hrs on 12hrs off and a fan running simotaneasly..Recirculating nute-water 24/7...a

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  2. You wont get much that low light setup.
    You really need to switch to some sort of HID setup.

    Figure total yeild of .5 GPW, so that equals about 45 grams, and with flourscent, they will be airy.
  3. Yea ur right I really do new to switch up my light...since it's my 1st grow and alli went with the cheapes most basic way and in the future do plan on getting a stronger watt light I'm thinking perhaps a 250w with a capability of taking both HId lights and hps...what nutrients do you use??.any special additives to boost potency or aroma such as the Humbolt county "Ginormous"?
  4. Broooooo....u definitely need to invest in better lighting. HPS for bloom is a must...period. As far as an additive to beefin up those nugs...try bloombastic....it comes in a purple box with a cartoon girl on it. Instantly will double your yield. Good luck bud....
  5. U want killer weed, you get killer seed.
    White Widow is the strongest I've grown so far. It's not for the casual smoker, it will fuck you up. Northern Lights I guess is the all around best I've grown on the indica side, good taste, smell and buzz, not to strong. Bubblicious is good so far with a uppy head high on the sativa side.
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    I agree, eBay small 150 watt hps $75. You will be amazed at the difference it makes
  7. I am goin to be preparing to harvest within the next week and I'm in need if the best economical harvesting and curing process .If you are willing to share don't advice it'll be greatly appreciated...so far I'm thing of hanging each branch upside down after I manicure the buds in my grow closet for about 10 days.? Then after I am goin to place them in brown paper bags for another like 5 days then transfer the buds to a glass airtight jar...
    Any comments or advice?
  8. You might want to wait a couple more weeks man, 5 weeks seems like a pretty short flowering time.
  9. If you cut that you aint done nothing but waste your time. Doubt you'll even get a buzz.
    Post some pic's, and we'll tell you when.
    Try and learn something from this grow, patients man.
  10. Sorry for the misunderstanding it's been flowering for approx 2 months ..possibly more I will look back on exact dates and post shortly and when I get home from work I will be posting pics...
  11. u got hella stretch and not much bud u need more light add some cheap 23w cfls (as many as u want keeping heat in mind) for nutes try liquid koolbloom

    2 months in flower plant should be done
  12. These are my latest pics

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  13. If he has any sort of rudimentary wiring skill, he can throw together at least a 400w system including a bulb for that.

    A cheap sheet of reflective metal will run you a few bucks, and can easily be worked into a reflector!

    Toke on folks!
  14. Looks like they are finishing or finished.
    Now that this grow, and use the advice to fix it for the next one.

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