1 month grow cycles?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by xtcking, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I have some kind called "mango" and im told that the guys grow indoor. they say they have a quick grow cycle, and they harvest every 28 days!

    now it looks alright very hairy, look kinda outdoor like though and it busts up really, lose and stringy.

    Im just curious, does this sound right? and to what quality is it usually? and is there anything i should know before using it? or anyway to cure it to make it better. or anything else important to know, this is the shortest grow cycle ive seen.
  2. NO WAY. Breaks up stringy, chopped WAY too early. No way 28 day harvest. LOL.
  3. When they say they harvest every 28 days they probably don't mean one entire grow cycle from seed to harvest in 28 days. What they probably have is multiple plants which they have started one month apart, thus, they harvest every month. I believe the method is called a "perpetual" grow.
  4. from seed to finish not gonna happen
    from start of flower to finish not going to happen.

    I harvest once a month but it takes a lot of front end work to do this. they could be doing something like this.....
    have a mother pull three clones let them root (two weeks) veg them for 2-3weeks, place them in the flower room, clone mother again, repeat cycle, over 4 months you should be able to pull monthly harvests, but like I said it takes up front work. like the other guy said from what you described they were chopped early.
  5. My guess is that the grower is just growing it to sell and doesn't care about quality as much as quantity. Probably why the buds are lack luster. Needs more light and closer to the plants to get tight fat buds.

    As the others have said it is probably a perpetual grow and he doesn't mean the whole process is done in 28 days.

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