1 month and 2 weeks and showing pistils!

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  1. This is my first grow, I have 4 other plants, but this is the most mature plant I have. Planted as a seed on 3-25-11. Tell me what ya'll think. There was some nute burn early on, but has been mostly pruned away, and adding a bit of epsom to the water worked wonders.

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  2. good call on the epsom salt, top couple leaves look like a mag def. What kinda light those under?
  3. 150w CFL, high spectrum 5500K. 2 per plant.

  4. They look a little droopy, what does your watering schedule look like man.

    And like Canehdian said what kind of lights are they under?
  5. I water when the top inch of sub is dry. Up until recently they have been in %100 perlite as an experiment, this one was transplanted 2 days ago into a larger bucket and I added some 75/25 soil and perlite around the pure perlite.
  6. you say 150w cfl, 2 per plant...so 1200w cfl? and four plants....I hope I am wrong?
  7. 150w equivalent. Also Im not using a grow room, I just have them strategically placed around the house. This is my first grow, so I wasn't gonna go all out on it, it was more of an experimental grow to play with things and see what happens. Also doing it on the cheap using mostly stuff I had laying around the shed and garage.
  8. here is a tip...do not go by equivalent, use the actual wattage for the cfl's. Look to have around 100w actual per plant, so like four 26w cfl will do a lot better. Also if this is your best plant, trashing the worst one to give this girl more light could provide better results. Let her dry out a bit to get those leaves standing back up!
  9. Hey man the droopiness is probably transplant shock give it a few more days to recover.
  10. Here's as good of a closeup as my phone can do. lol. There are pistils showing on the top half of the plant.

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  11. My plants arent growing together, I have one in my bedroom, 2 in my roommates room, and one in the kitchen. I have one other one that looks very much like this one, but no pistils showing, then I have another that is taller and thinner and Im assuming will end up male, but waiting it out just to be safe. then the other one is a younger plant only at about 3 weeks.

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