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1 kidney removed - Kidney cancer still present- they want my help

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by KinkySwitch, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I was approached by a couple the other night. one of their dear friends, who is also a chriopracter and phsyical therapist has tumors in his kidney(s).

    One kidney was already removed, resulting in infection throughout his body, which has cleared up, allowing for, you guessed it, chemo.
    He could very well die during this process, and the couple remembered speaking to me before about cannabis medicine and my own neural pain issues.

    They are unsure if their doctor-friend will open up to the idea of trying Rick Simpon's oil. I have been assigned the task of trying to compile a packet of information specifically in regards to cancer, and curing cancer, or at least reducing tumor size. The health benifits, the risks, side effects.

    I have already told the couple that if anything, their friend will just be very uncomfortable if he starts taking RSO Caps as he builds tolerence for them.
    I read a while ago in this very same section about a man who started with one cap a day for his wife, upping to a total of 3 caps a day and her tumor size went down by twice over a set period of time, as observed by doctors.

    I am sad for this couple. There is a chance their friend may just continue with chemo and the more 'traditional' (if you can call it that) treatments that their doctors are suggesting/prescribing.
    I feel overwhelmed by the mass of links in Stormcrow's listings. I really don't know where to start.

    If I have a change of coming up with the right information, the right combination of information and the right amount of information, I could very well help save this person's life. Even if I come up with the 'correct' 'packet' of information, and he doesn't at least try it, at least i know I gave it my best shot for these people.

    Everyone dies eventually, but they shouldn't have to die like this.
  2. This should certainly give you some information with sources to back it up in your favor;

    Granny Storm Crow's MMJ List

    I hope you're able to help your friend out.
  3. Theres a lipstick called Morange that I just tried today, ironically. Thank you for the searachable PDF. I'll start trying to dig up what i can. If anyone has anything else, or documentaries, or personal experiences, I want them.
  4. #5 KinkySwitch, Mar 14, 2012
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    A ha! That's the article I saw a long time ago! Well thread post. That's the initial OP I saw that I told them about. I'll share this with them as well as the documentary also found within. I still want more information and facts..

    I will probably pull up info on where to find RSO as well, or something... hmm

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