1. hip hop CD for the rest of your life what would it be ?

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  1. For me it would probably be Nas Illmatic. If I could make a mix of ten songs that would be cool too but tough to pick.

    Verbal intercourse- Raekwon
    It aint hard to tell- Nas
    NY state of mind- Nas
    Dance with the devil- Immortal technique
    Thiefs Theme-Nas
    Kublai Kahn- Jedi mind tricks
    Ice Cream- Raekwon
    The Format- AZ
    Jay-Z Dead Presidents
    Lupe Fiasco- Dumb it down

    It was a pretty hard thing now that I think about it it would suck so bad to only have ten songs but I think its a decent list.

  2. The Low End Theory - A Tribe Called Quest

  3. Same.
  4. Run DMC - Greatest Hits
  5. any top 10 lists from you guys ?
  6. Verbal Intercourse- Raekwon
    One Love- Nas
    New York State Of Mind- Nas
    Lifes A Bitch- Nas
    Ladi Dadi- Slick Rick
    Triumph- Wu Tang Clan
    CREAM- Wu Tang Clan
    Da Mystery Of Chessboxing- Wu Tang Clan
    Ice Cream- Raekwon
    Either: Frozen- Slick Rick and Raekwon OR Aint No Half Steppin- Big Daddy Kane
  7. blueprint
  8. DJ Shadow - Entroducing

    One of the best albums of all time. I don't know if it's really hip hop though.
  9. tupacs greatest hits vol.2 hands down
  10. illmatic hands down:D
  11. marshall mathers lp
    or the documentary
  12. 36 chaaaaaambers
  13. Marshall Mather LP
  14. The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick.

    edit-or Ready To Die
  15. KMD-Bl_ck B_st_rds or Slum Village Fantastic Vol. 2
  16. jedi mind tricks- violent by design
  17. Tupac's greatest hits
  18. Madvillainy, 36 Chambers or Donuts.

    Oh yeah, SV Fantastic v2 also.
  19. The Roots - Organix

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