1 gram per watt??

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  1. in ideal conditions with a Great grow u might produce 1 gram per watt... assumeing u have all ur space covered? but it would be more realistic to expect half of that... if you are an excelent grower and u can grow 1 gram a watt then feel free to tell me otherwise
  2. Well my flowering box is 210 watts...
    It holds 27 clones of a strain that finishes in 9 weeks ......
    My clones finish at 13-14.5"....
    They weigh 60-82 grams each wet...
    Dried 17-20 grams each...
    So I will figure low 17 grams each that is 459 grams or 2.18 GPW
    at 20 G's each its 2.57 GPW
    But I've been Growin' for 26 years :cool:
  3. damn 26 years?!?!?!? thats dope. CAn I expect to get 17 grams off a foot high clone???? 210 watts how so???
  4. If it's a good strain a foot high clone will turn to a two-four foot plant, depending again on strain. Indicas get maybe twice their size from veg to 12/12, Sativas I've seen quadruple and quintuple in size. A foot tall sativa will turn to a monster in 12/12.
  5. im confused. so if i had 16 plants under 1600 watts and i took half of that, that would mean 800 grams????

    12 plants would produce just a little over a LB

    ?? is that math right or am i way off?
  6. damn 26 years?!?!?!?
    I know...damn I'm old ...lol

    thats dope. CAn I expect to get 17 grams off a foot high clone????
    Once you get you set-up dailed in ...with a good strain .....
    Yes....that is the Beauty of a SOG

    210 watts how so???
    5 - 42 watt CFL's in the flowering box
    Ck out the link in my Sig. :)
  7. 26 years huh?

    I've been growing for a little more then 26 days :)
  8. We all started somewhere Bro...
  9. i have a dog just like that but its a girl i love her and she protects my plants

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