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1 Gram of Dank vs. 8th of mids?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by socrox, May 23, 2010.

  1. Which would you rather buy?
  2. 1/8th of mids. I always do lol.

    It's $20 for 1/8 or $20 for a gram of mids...and I don't have a job so the more the better.

    Plus it's pretty good mids, I usually only pick out like 3 seeds per bag and it is a nice high.
  3. Yeah im thinking about going for the 8th, Im pretty broke right not and only have the 20$ to spend. Hm...
  4. quality over quantity...... any day!
  5. with a managed tolerance 1 g of dank could get you high 10 times, 10 times of smoking a nice peice of glass, and having the cold filtered smoke taste great.

    with the mids you probably got yourself 3 blunts tops, you could smoke them and get high, maybe high, maybe blazed like a bat, maybe not high at all, but one things is for sure, it's gonna taste like shit
  6. To smoke alone: dank.
    To smoke socially: mids.


    I think you meant no tolerance.
  7. I havent smoked in a few weeks for a drug test so my tolerance is pretty low, so im leaning towards the mids
  8. Quality > Quantity.

    Make sure it's actually dank...
  9. unless you wanna roll a fat blunt with the eighth of mids then i'd say go with the dank.

    they'll last about the same amount of time but with the dank you'll be inhaling less shit, wont get headaches or hangovers, and the high is just better overall.
  10. if you're smoking this with other people then don't get the g. that'll be gone in about 5 min
  11. But it would get 2-5 other kids ripped as well depending on tolerance levels and how you smoke it. Buy the gram of dank and make a gravity bong or parachute. Look up tutorials on Youtube if you don't know how already, but you'll get wrecked. There's always the option of a fat blunt if you only are smoking with 2 or 3 people. If you can roll them nice they pack a punch.
  12. Hmm...Well ill be smoking with 2 other people who will both have bud, so either smoking the bong with some dank or rolling up some blunts
  13. if they have bud then get the g
  14. I disagree with most people. I LOVE dank, but if i didn't have the money for more than a gram, then id definitely go with the mids. The way these people describe mids, it's like it's schwag, which it's not. mids are mids. if you only have 20$ and you dont have a good tolerance anymore go for the mids.
    Just my opinion on the subject.
  15. Fuck that, you get 3.5x more bowls with the mids... go with the mids.

  16. sorry, i agree with you that he should get the mids, but the dank i get is really fluffy i can roll a blunt with .5g. so it really depends on the weed for that part. Again, i agree he should get the mids.
  17. Fuck mids. Enjoy your high and smoke a nice fat blunt of your dank while your friends pack the bong and pass it around.
  18. I can't pick up mids. I'll smoke an eigth of that in a couple of hours. I can smoke that shit like its nothing...It just has absolutely no effect on me, it bugs. If I get dank though, if I absolutely have too (im broke as fuck) i can make that shit last a couple of days if im conservatively packing bowls.

  19. but he doesn't have the tolerance you do so mids would do the job for a lower price.
  20. Even if the THC level in the mids is only half of what it is in the dank (and he said it was pretty good mids)...then he'll still get more high off of the 8th. I don't get why you'd say dank if it's only a gram :confused: :confused: :confused:

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