1 Foot Tall Plants Witb Flowers Need Help!!!!!!

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  1. Hello growers im a new grower I have been growing some plants for about a month now I had them indoor and recently took them outdoor this week I noticed little white hairs also flowers on my plants but they are only 1 foot tall. It is spring where I live I am located in the central vallry I am worried I do not want my plants to flower yet mabye I can bring them indoors change the cycle but I get light outdoors from 7 in the moring till 8 at night isnt that enught for veg also I have a 3 Foot plant I also moved outdoors but it is not flowering like the 1 foot plants please help anyone with information or education on growing marijana thankyou guys. Here are some pictures

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  2. What was your light schedule whilst they were inside? I am thinking you had 16-24 hours, correct? They are experiencing shorter days outside right now. Good news is, days are getting longer until June or July 21st, stoned, sorry.

    They will come out of it eventually. But, they will be fugly as can be for a couple weeks. I always thin them out a little bit when this happens. Bringing starts outside on May 1st it still happens to me. No worries buddy. Just take care of them. Water and such.

    PS. Use punctuation. Your post is extremely hard to read. Best of luck to ya
  3. 14.5 is the actual trigger to flower point for most strains..
    Seeds need a month to mature enough to flower so they can be planted on May 1st outside..
    June and July are the only 2 dependable veg months outside..
    For the best luck at setting out indoor grown plants raise them from seed on 16-8 or 17-7
    Set out June 1st
    So Cal Growers Unite
    Here is the So Cal thread for more info on correct timing for outside..


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