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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Mr. Bunglesmith, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. So last night I got 4 grams, and rolled a big fat blunt with it. It was a Royal Blunt wrap (jamaican rum) and it was pretty fucking huge. Then this morning when I got up I rolled a nice fat spliff for later. I then met up with 2 friends before they had to work, and smoked the blunt with them. After that they left, and I met up with two different friends and smoked the spliff.
    After this we were royaly baked, but proceeded to call a dealer to pick up some nice dank headies. While at the dealers house, we smoked two nice blunts (not quite as big as the ones I rolled, but very nice all the same). When we finished this we took some bong rips and left.
    Now i am home, and have just downed 10 mg of some valium, so that should add to the days excitement. :hello: I also plan on doin a little bit more bud so I should have quite a night. I'll try and write more when the valium kicks in.
  2. fuck sounds like you had a good time lol
  3. i got you beat ;)
    ill type it a little later
  4. Sounds like a crazy day.

    But for me I would need at least 100mg of valium. 10mg would not do anything. This is the same with all of my friends I pop pills with.
  5. i love days like that
  6. why cant you people just keep it natural?

    pills can kill, pot cannot.-----my motto
  7. I got all you beat. 2 grams of blow, a 30 pack of miller light, and a quarter ounce of half kush and half sour deisel. all done within 8 hours
  8. keepin it natural is cool but you shouldnt be criticizing the man for enjoying all the different types of highs
  9. i guess your right, some people do drugs and get fucked up, cause harm to themselves and others, support people who sell dangerous drugs (like pills), and some people smoke the good gonja.

    but your right i shouldnt hate on people who do that other stuff. my bad.
  10. ^ So, you believe all the government propaganda about all those, but not the propoganda (From the very same government) about ganja? Huh.
  11. actually, statistics and personal experiences. why would i believe a government that doesnt even know half the shit they tell people?
  12. i hate when ppl hate on pills and stuff. i mean they arne't trying to get you to do them just telling you what his day held. I mean dude they prescribe them to some ppl just liek some ppl get prescribed to bud. to each his own
  13. ok ur all right
  14. Yeah the government does over-exaggurate probably every drug except heroin and meth, and mabey even in some cases that too, but I know people that have become addicts and people do die from overdoses. Pills aren't deadly, hell, i pop a pill every once in a while but they do have dangerous potential and can fuck with your body.
  15. or how about this?

    instead of making arbitrary distinctions between chemicals based on whether or not they occur in nature, you could take the time and do the research into whether or not you feel said chemical is a safe one or a harmful one.

    i mean, lets face it, there are zillions of things that are natural that can kill you (opium, lead, tigers) and there are a whole lot of things that are man made that are really pretty safe (aspirin, oreo cookies, pacemakers). not to mention how blurry the line between synthesized chemicals is. LSD is synthesized using chemicals found in nature, is it ok? certain psychedelic plants, when exposed to synthetic psychedelic drugs, will produce analogues and variations that don't occur in nature but can obviously be produced with a little coaxing.

    face it: the line between so-called natural drugs and synthesized ones is just a stupid line to draw.
  16. Exactly and also alcohol could be classed as natural since it is brewed or distilled from fruits and there are more alcohol related deaths a year from alcohol than all illegl drugs put together

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