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#1 best tasting cure for cottonmouth/munchies:

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ytfghmjb, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    i dont care how old you are. gogurts are the dankness of yogurt
  2. Word, Gogurt is the bomb!! Same for those Trix yogurt things. yeaah dude!
  3. Gross. My 9 year old loves that shit... it makes me want to hurl.
  4. hell yeah i pop like 3 of em open at the same time and mix up the flavors
  5. No.....I used to think that.

    Try these.


    Yes, that's right. A carbonated yogurt snack. They taste even better in the freezer. Mmm
  6. Nah man cereals the best cure for cotton mouth and munchies
  7. best cure would be waterice. thats for cottonmouth

    for munchies...

    a healthy meal of any kind
  8. ^^^ yeah man i love me some frosted flakes too .
    but gogurt is bomb as hell i tried some new flavors
    and i thought i should share
  9. #1 Best cure is water. Man need water. Give man water. Stay hydrated before, during, and after you smoke and no signs of cottonmouth/red itchy eyes will present themselves.

  10. ...where the hell did you find those?
    im thinkin about hoppin in the car right now to go get some. they look like some ill snacks
  11. Gatorade thirst quencher gum, my favorite thing for cotton mouth. Ill have to try some of that yogurt though. My little bro eats like 5 of those a day.
  12. mmm frozen gogurt was the BEST
  13. those fizzix look fuckin good...i'll have to get some.
  14. best thing for cottonmouth is to be extra hydrated before you blaze!

  15. I like the applesauce versions of much better
  16. Slurpee without doubt is the best

  17. Wow a slurpee sounds awesome. In my experience Arnold Palmer is the cure
  18. YES... way too true the only problem is when your really baked the tinglie-ness makes you laugh and you spit that shit in ur friends face

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