1 bedroom apartment in college

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  1. Hey does anyone here live in a 1 bedroom apartment (preferrably also goes to college)? I recently signed my lease for my apartment (i currently live with 6 other roommates, but moving out for junior year to focus on schoolwork then probably moving back into a house senior year), and was wondering how the quiet life is. do you know your neighbors or do you mostly invite over/go to your friend's places?
  2. I have friends over sometimes or go there and don't really know my neighbors too well. Its a good time though.
  3. i would invest in a 2 bedroom instead

    you can use the 2nd room as a "party room".

    that way you can keep the rest of the living space clean and seperate from your freinds...exposing you to possible problems
  4. Or he can just get the one bedroom and use the living room for friends/parties.
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    Yeah I've been thinking of doing this too if I can find one that's moderately close to campus, somewhat nice, and cheap. I'm a sophomore in college by the way, considering doing this junior year too

    that was my primary worry though- that I'd get TOO lonely. I mean I've always been somewhat of a loner (I have friends and all, I just enjoy spending a decent amount of my time by myself). I've also always lived with people, and when I get the place to myself I cherish those times haha. Just don't know if the place to myself ALL the time would be too much.

    that would anywhere from double to add like 50% more in rent, not worth it IMO

  6. yea this is what we did at first and the appartment always smelled like weed.
    and then when i go to the store or something i smelled like weed
    but then we got a 2 bedroom and we started to only smoke in the 2nd bedroom

    and no more weed smelling store trips

    i wuldnt want a cop to fuck wit me cause i smelled like weed

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