1/8th Shrooms - $25

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  1. getting it cheap and will be my first, what should i expect from my first psychedelic trip and how much should i eat?
  2. If you have more cash get more qucick. cause thats a bomb deal.
  3. around my area 25-30 is standard.
  4. eat the whole thing and look at my sig for what to expect
  5. eating too much your first time wont cause a bad trip?
  6. i would say for your first time def start with a half 8th. wait about an hr or so and if you decide you want to take more than do it. remember, you can always take more, but never less
  7. Eat half then blaze. Wait bout an hour then eat the rest followed by another blunt. Def gotta have trees! Make tea or eat it plain with some Oj! have fun Bro!
  8. perfect advice.
  9. the only person i can find sellin shrooms around here pushes em 50 an E.

    and that's just plain GARBAGE.

  10. Thats not too good of a deal, atleast in my area.

    I pick up 1/8ths for $10 of KILLER shrooms.

    Anyways, make sure your in the right mindstate and plan your setting. Eat them when your ready and just remember to go with it and you will be fine. I would start out with half an 1/8th like was previously said.
  11. Yeah, I'd probably eat the whole thing. The first time I tried shrooms, I ate a gram cap and felt giggly and that was all. Haven't had the chance to get more :(
  12. My cousin wanted to sell me a gram for 20 guess he was hooking me up or trying to rip me off.
  13. If there bomb shrooms im almost certain it will be a difficult experience, but and incredible experience you wont regret. All depends on what you want out of it.
  14. wtf thats what i pay for a 1/4 of really good mushrooms and they deliver
  15. Don't have a preset in your mind about what the trip will be like. Take em, turn on some music, smoke a bizzy and try to forget you took them.
  16. I see everyone talking about getting shrooms for 20-30 dollars an 8th and it being a good deal, but up in bc here i get them for 10 an 8th for very potent cubensis's.
  17. Eat half and have the other half ready to consume. :)

    My first shrooms experience was with an eighth of some of the best shrooms I've ever had... I wish I could trip that hard every time I eat them. :(
  18. Dog, powder them up, put them in a shot glass with some lemon juice. Let sit for like 40 seconds then chug-a-lug. Prepare to trip absolute tits.
  19. Just as I said earlier.

    K-Town Represent! hahaha..
  20. Yeah dude it seems like BC got the best deals on everything. I know where im moving. seriously.

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