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1/8th of purple kush shake for 30$

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BizzyBone, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Me nd my buds got a hold of an eight of shake for 30 bucks. we smoked it and it got us fucking ripped but some complained it left a bad taste in thier mouth
    could it have been the strain itself or just a bad batch
    i was wondering is this a good value and if i should buy it again
    got me ripped :smoke:
    dank 1/8 of big buds around here is 50 bucks btw
  2. yo where did you get the purple kush from?
  3. Perhaps it was handled incorrectly and the growers may not have sterilized properly and fungus grew. Perhaps over time the weed got too moist and mold formed. It may have been too dry to have a taste, thus making it a hot dry sticky taste in your mouth.
  4. Thanks for the quick responses
    personnally i didnt mind the taste but the mention of mold scared me
    i would i know if htere is mold on my shake?
    and in general would you buy shake?
  5. i'd buy shake for sure if it's the right price and not a bunch of leaves and stems. i bought an oz of nice og kush shake for $160 a while ago.
  6. I've boughten dank shake when I couldn't get my hands on actual dank due to various reasons. If it gets you ripped, and weighs out, it's all good right?
  7. that's a great deal. not only do i not mind shake, i almost prefer it. its so kiefy it gets you ripped and you dont have to grind it.

    and we smoke that kush, and we ball like swoosh
  8. Thanks for the input guys
    next time i have a chance to grab some shake ill take it :hello:
  9. my bro got manhandled bought an ounce of shake for 70$ He said it tasted like shit and didn't get him high.
  10. One time I went to a new dealers place on short notice and he was like "I just sold the rest of my bud to so and so but i've got some shake that i'll sell you 1.5 for $20 (instead of 1/g for $20)" and i was like sure a little skeptical because i had never heard of dealers selling shake. But i get it and it got me high as fuck! and I had more than a gram so it lasted a little. I little bit goes a far way with shake. It's always a great deal:hello:
  11. Just make sure its nuggets shake.. Reg shake sucks ass... Unless you can get a decent deal on it and then smoke it out of a water bong.. Shake and a pipe is kinda nasty
  12. A bowl of shake will be out in one hit, but that's still a good deal.
  13. An eigth of shake is alot, Can probably roll alot of blunts and for 30 it sounds good to me

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