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1/8th of Purple Kush and half O of corn or 2 o's of corn?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hydrocronik, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Well, my dro connect just called me and told me he just got some Purple Kush(strain name unreliable) in, but that it would be $70 an 1/8(is that even worth it?). Then I asked my mids guy if I could get a half o of some corn for $50, when he out of no where tells me, ya, but I would sell you 2 o's for $150!:eek: So, my question is, what should I buy? I have a $140 budget, but I could probably get $10. I smoke a lot, and have an okay tolerance. It takes about 2 blunts of mids to get me throwed, and I haven't fucked w/ dro in a while. What does my family at the city reccomend?
  2. Ehh fuck that 70 an 8th. 2 ounces takes the win imo.
  3. 1. buy 2 ounces
    2. ???
    3. profit
    4. buy 1/8 of kush
  4. 70 an 8th is a rip off bro, I'd say get the mids. Make some hash and edibles and smoke fat blunts. While doing this work on a new dank connect.
  5. 70 an eighth is ridiculous dude. eighths usually go for 45 here, 55 tops.
  6. I usually get em' for $60, he just said that Purp. Kush is extra, which i'm not buying.
  7. Buy the 2 ounces, sell one ounce, buy the fire.

    problem solved :D
  8. buy 2 o's, flip it for 5 hundo, find a dealer who wont rip u off, buy 2 o's of beasters.
  9. Anyone else have any insight?
  10. half and half... roll a blunt 3/4ths mids 1/4 dank
  11. buy the two o's, flip one around to turn a profit, smoke the other o till you have enough profit to buy the purp, then chill on the purp for a personal stash
  12. Man get that 2 oz and smoke mad blunts
  13. What's a cutee? A qp maybe? He said I could either get a cutee of reggie or 2 o's of corn..
  14. Get the 2oz's sell 1. Smoke 1. With the money from the first oz buy some more

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