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1/8th of Purple Haze? [Pics]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Keith McKief, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Does this look like an 8th to you? My dealer didn't have a scale with him, so he just eyeballed it, and most likely he hooked me up with more than an 8th. I don't have a scale either and I was just wondering for the pro tokers out there if they can eyeball this the best they can? :smoking:

    And he also got his Purple Haze, and he's not just making up a random name because he came straight from the clinic with this. The clinic may just have a clone. The fact of whether or not this is real Purple Haze is not my concern because it looks, smells, and feels amazingly dank.

    I just want to know if I got what I paid for.

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  2. I really hope those are extremely dense.. :/ cause to me that looks about 1.5gs not 3.5( 1/8th ). What'd you pay for it?
  3. Dude come on now. thats no where near an 8th dude you got ripped off bad
  4. Around here, it's about $60/8th. I live in Socal, in the San Gabriel Valley.
  5. Looks like a dub to me. But it does look like some fire. Was it taxed?

  6. Ouch. Find a new connect that doesn't sell mids that high. Also invest in a scale.. only $10-20 at your LHS.
  7. The thing is that looks about right for the prices we pay around here. I have friends who buy straight from the clinic and what they get for an 8th isn't as much as what I got today.

    I'm probably going to buy a scale tomorrow.
  8. Buy a scale and weigh your sacks before purchasing. And if there picking up 1/8ths at the clinic $60/8th is the price for extreme fire like the buds posted in 'San Dankiego Pickups'. That looks about 1.5-2gs that should run you $15-25 at most.
  9. Yeah, but sadly I live in the suburbs without a card... :(

    But the weed is super dense though, those pictures up there, if I squeezed them, it will not shrink any smaller.
  10. 1.5 - 2g's should cost $15 - 25, when you say 60/ 1/8th... how do you do your math? it comes out to $30 - 40

    i would say its about 2 - 2.5g's

  11. Sorry I mistyped that.. I meant for that quality of bud it should only run him that much. Either way he got ripped off, sorry to say though. :/
  12. We'll see, I'm getting a scale tomorrow because I've been buying weed for a while. But I'm a guy with trust issues if the connect isn't a CLOSE friend. So, if I find out that what I have isn't AT LEAST 3 grams, I'm just going to sell it to some kids or something for the same price.

    No harm done :p

  13. No you didn't get what you paid for, that is like 1.2g -1.5g if your lucky. You got ripped off nasty style.

  14. thts not 3.5 gs man dnt buy any weed from anyone less u see wat it weighs on the scale
  15. I'm not going to somoke any of this weed until tomorrow when I get my scale. And then, if I find out that it's not at least 3 grams then I'll never buy from this guy again (unless I have my scale) and I'll just sell it to some other people for the same price. Or maybe more.
  16. L... O... fuckin L... i really dig your sig.
  17. You say the bud is super dense, but to be honest they look more airey then dense. and theres no way in hell thats an eighter, at most id say its 1.5
  18. is it just me or does that look like a salad bag and not just 1 strain? :confused:
  19. No offense but that's a bitch thing to do. Just weight the weed and if it's not the full eighth then count your losses and smoke it and learn not to make that mistake again.

  20. Get ready to see about 1.0-1.2 and don't pull some bitch move by trying to resell it for $60. You live in Cali and got waxed that bad, it's your damn problem. Also, that herb looks good but the trimming and handling looks like SHIT to have been from any decent clinic.

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