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1/8th of High Mids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ekush04, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. My friend is picking up a half this thursday, on friday he is giving me an 1/8th for $40, is this a good deal?

    How much grams does this usually weigh out too?
  2. no thats not a good deal. 8ths are usually 20-30 for mids
  3. 3.5 grams. Idk about the price, I only buy dank. But something tells me its kind of high for mids?
  4. 3 to 3.5's a pretty good deal.:smoke:
  5. 1/8th = 3.5 grams. 40 dollars is really high in my opinion... i just picked up a 20 sack of high mids, and it was about 4.5 grams. id try to get it down to like 30 bucks
  6. 1/8th of an ounce is 3.5 grams. I'd try to get him down to at least 30-35.
  7. Where do you live? This is a big factor
  8. thats a really good deal. i get eighths of dank for 50-65
  9. I live in new jersey
  10. it's probbly 40 bucks cuz some1 is trying to get some profit. middle man i presume :rolleyes:
  11. i live in nj and i get em for 20. def try to get him down to 30
  12. He is paying $80 for this half
  13. no way it should be $40 for mids.. i get oz for 100-120 and 1/8 are 20 or 25 around me
  14. if its really high mids, and you're completely dry and have nothing else to do, then go for it.

    an eighth is usually 315g unless you know the dealer, in which case hell prolly throw you a fat eight which would be like 3.7-4.0.

    dont front the money which means to give it to the guy before you even get the bud.

    and make sure its good. if its not just say no thanks or somethin
  15. NJ's drug scene is filled with D-bags.
    Maybe it is just my location of NJ but Dank runs 60+ an eighth.
  16. I've known this guy since I was younger, and I chill with him every day still, hes probably going to hook me up with something fat.
  17. He told you this and you still are considering? Go buy from someone who is actually legit and buys at least in zips to get somewhat affordable bud. It sounds like you're buying from the very end of the chain man, and its no bueno. Go find who he buys from. They will probably set you up with a much better deal. (FUN HINT: Tell him you want to buy an ounce and you need a name. If he's a mildly decent person or friend of yours he will send you right up the ladder.)
  18. If he's paying 80$ for a 1/2oz (14grams)... And your paying 40$ which is half don't you think you should be getting 7grams? That's shady why's he trying to make a 20$ profit off you if you guys are friends? Cause 3.5g is a 1/4 of that 1/2 ... So don't pay for a 1/4 and only get an 1/8 right ... Ha I'm rambling I only come on this when iv toked ...

  19. asounds good man. 1/8th here in Canada runs me 15-35
  20. naa bro, i pay 20 for that shit, your getting ripped off

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