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1/8Th Of Canna-Butter. What Do I Do Next?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by HotFuckingTuna, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. So my homie hit me up yesterday and told me he got his hands on some canna-butter. He gave me this medium size clump of butter. he said it has a eighth of some funk. He explained ways i could use the canna-butter but i couldnt really understand. So i dont wanna do anything wrong. The easiest way he said was just to heat half of it up in the microwave untill its gooey (I have it in the top fridge to a frozen clump) and spread it on some toast. But i sorta wanna do something better with it. Like brownies or even a cake. I got the butter, all i need is some recipes and some intstructions :) Can anyone help me out here?
    My main questions are:
    Is a eighth of cannabutter a good amount of butter?
    would it better to make like 6 strong brownies instead of 12. 
    do i add the butter while im making the browies/cake batch or after?
    Any other tips would be helpfull. :) thank u 


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  2. Simply melt the butter in a measuring cup (I'd use heat resistant glass) then substitute the butter for the vegetable oil required in a box of brownie mix.
    It would be helpful if you knew the volume of butter (1/2 cup, 3/4 cup, etc) before you bought the mix. Some take different quantities of oil.
    If your desired mix takes more oil than you have butter then just add some oil, but if you have more butter than is needed for a box mix then it gets a little messy. The recipes don't usually handle additional oils very well and change the consistency of the end product.
  3. yea so i ended up just making 4 nice size brownies with the butter. You could taste the butter in the brownies. IDK if i did something wrong but i didnt really get that "Kick" high that everyone says. I mean i got high. But i smoked maybe 40 minutes after i ate the brownie. So maybe the high was from the bowl, For some reason i never get really high off edibles. Im still waiting for that day i get SMACKED off edibles. But as for right now, i guess ima just stick to weed :) And other THC Products :smoke:

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