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1/8th of way to consume?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by RippinDaBong, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Hey blades, ive got an 1/8th of some Lemon Diesel and im looking to do something with it other than smoke it. Id prefer doing something that wouldn't require me consuming it all at once but im open to any recipe that can be done with the relatively small amount of buds ive got to use. Thanks :wave:
  2. Firecrackers!!! there are plenty of recipes on this site, but you can use however much you want. be careful though, they are scary potent!
  3. While I've only made firecrackers once I definitely messed up because I felt nothing but anger at wasted bud. But some people I know have had excellent experience with firecrackers & like the simplicity of them.
  4. Vape it to 50%.... use the half vaped ABV to make firecrackers, it will already be decarbed from the vape.
  5. Make some creamer for your coffee in the morning; best way to start the day ;P
  6. What's decarbed mean? Isn't vaporizing the same thing as smoking?

  7. decarbed means decarboxylation. its basically activating the thc-a into thc through the process of removing a carboxyl group (name escapes me).

    vaping is a bit different than smoking. when you vape the plant does not combust, but rather the thc vaporizes, so you are getting all high no plant (i personally prefer smoking).

    if ya have a day to kill make some canna butter and use it in whatever recipes you already know ya like.
  8. ** for what is worth its the carboxyl group is COOH. no clue what the hell that means.
  9. Lemon haze? Lemonade.

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