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1/8th 60 bucks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dryclaine, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. i got an 1/8th of some purple urkel for $60 from a friend. i know its some pretty dank weed, but im not that experienced and was thinking it was kind of high. i was just wanting some feedback from random people with experience on how this price was ranging with the weed.
  2. When you say your not that experienced, do you mean that you started smoking like a month ago?

    I would stay with the lower quality stuff for a while, save the best for later, know what I mean?
  3. too actually give you an answer,,,yes,,,60 bucks an eighth is gonna be goin rate (((at least in smalltown usa))) in the bigger cities you can probly find weed for 10 a gram,,,,***yay competition***,,,(((i did in oregon for a while...but then i moved back too iowa))) but yeah,,, 60 for an eighter is gonna be goin rate,,,especially for name strains....sorry dude.....i know it sucks,,,but itll treat you well if you watch what yer doin:p
  4. thanks. i appreicaite it.
    its good knowing your paying what everyone else is paying, even when its high.
  5. If its really dank 60 isn't bad
  6. yeah i usually pay 60 for a yummy eighth :)
  7. Yeah, thats strait. The price is high, but thats supply and demand for you. Dank is $60 an 8th around here too.
  8. What type of area do you live in? I live in a rich, white, virtually crime-free area so weed is expensive cuz most people r rich (not me tho) and we're far along on the chain. Like, the grower sells to a bigass dealer in NYC, who sells it to Patterson, who sells it to Ridgewood (a nearby town), who sells it to us. Even the people who get it right from the city still charge out the ass cuz they can. If you're in a rich suburb, chances are you're paying too much.
  9. I'm in a middle-class suburb and I get no-name "dro" (as everyone calls it here) for $50 an eighth. Usually get like 3.2-3.4g but never ever over or exactly 3.5.

    But yeah, 60 bucks is good, although you could probably get it down to 55 maybe 50.
  10. Jesus, 60 bucks for an eighth is crazy. I pay 25 for an eighth of super dank. But then, you Americans have the whole drug war thing going on, so I guess that's why prices are high.
  11. Thanks for rubbing it in... :(
  12. haha tokage is right. Canada is the way to go for buds (yay for living 30 minutes from the boarder!).

    60 for 3.6-4.0 g isnt bad if its truely dank. You say you are new so watch out for dealers calling their bud "name brands" to get an extra 20 bucks outta ya.
  13. $40-$60 is what it goes for around here for dank
  14. #14 Blutteufel, Sep 2, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 2, 2008

    What weird place in BC do you live that you can get a dime for 8$? Try asking for that in Chilliwack and you'll probably get slapped. All the other prices are the same, except 1/8s are occasionally 30$.
  15. Sounds a little high, it all depends on where you are, what your buying, and who from. It's really a matter of the local economy, you look at upper class white suburbia, no one grows and there's a long chain of greedy dealers selling to one another bringing up the price. If you go to a big city, theres lots of competition and growers so price will be low.

    Even in upper class suburbia though, the only time I pay that much (and I do) is if it's really good shit. I can get an ounce of "eh" bud for 180. If your new you'll start to learn that the people with the best price and best stuff are the ones that don't go looking for business, it just comes to them. Ask around, look for the guy people want to go back to a second time, and expect especially bad prices from young kids trying to make a quick buck.
  16. i usually pay 20$ an eight but its real schwag. my new guy gets me a half of good mids for 70$

    i wouldn't mind paying more if i could ever get dank around here
  17. 60/Eighth is the normal around where I reside.
  18. i admire your price i used to get dank for 10/g, 10 grams for like 90 bucks ... don't have the connection anymore though.
  19. i can get a 1/4 of white widow for 40 bucks...just sayin. btw i live only 20-30 outside the city of pittsburgh...if that gives you any comparison.
  20. 60 bucks is what i spend almost every time. Me and my boyfriend usually just buy a quarter together

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