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1-800-Suicide (Rest in peace?)

Discussion in 'General' started by HaltIamReptar!, May 28, 2010.

  1. Tend to not matter at all when you're feeling like shit looking up from rock bottom.
    I don't give a shit just how hard people in some far away land or right around the corner have it harder than me. Doesn't fucking matter when I'm feeling like that.

    I respect the OP and the dead. I hope both of them pass through this experience peacefully.
    We'll see you on the other side, buddy.
  2. Wow, this thread really took off.

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone!
    But you're right ADIV

    Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage..
  3. damn it would suck to get hit by a train.

    if i was going out it would be in some crazy way haha

  4. dude im with you, i gained a new found respect for our mother earth and all of her beauty. human beings dont respect life or death (like someone mentioned). sometimes i dont even recognize me as human. i think on a primitive level yet sophisticated. i am not a label, i am not a human, or an animal or anything.

    i am just me, this is my body and without my body i would cease to exist because the fate of my body and i are intertwined.

    i have a strong will to live, i know if it came down to it i would fight with every last bit of strength i had for my life... why? this i am not sure of, something deep inside me makes me feel that i have an incredible will to live. i dont want to die until i know it is my time.

    i look forward to one day being recycled and giving my energy back to the earth as she has given to me. i dont want to rush this day though, thats not the point. who knows what you could do with your life, one of us 20 something year olds on GC could some day rule the fucking world.

    dont cut your life short because you arent in the palace yet, death gotta be easy cus life is hard, biggie said it right.

    life is a struggle and death can end your struggle. if you choose to end the struggle you miss all the beauty within it. you never get to enjoy the birds chirping on a warm summer night as the sunset fills the sky with colors as you pull on a nicely rolled blunt with a drink.

    that to me is paradise, the world is fucked up but, just because there is genocide else where does not mean you are part of it. humans tend to carry extra baggage around.

    one day a zen master and his disciple was walking up a path when they came upon a beautiful young girl in a silk kimono afraid of getting her clothes dirty in the mud. the zen master picked her up and carried her across the mud. miles later his disciple asked "master, we are monks and we are forbidden to go near women. why did you pick her up and carry her? this is forbidden, is it not?"

    to which the zen master replied, "i put her down miles back, are you still carrying her?"

    the moral of the story is not to carry extra baggage around, let your inner goodness radiate through the world, when you kill your only enemy (your ego) the world will look very different.
  5. People have been doing it for years. Before you. During. And after you. Their choice.

    Anyways, look at the comment on the bottom of the News Site:

    What a fucking idiot.

    That person's family is going to be reading the comments and thinking wtf? haha.

    You gotta find humor somewhere.
  6. I'm sorry for your loss, OP. Even if you weren't that close to the person, suicide always makes you think. It's a commonly used term, but we never really think deeply about it until someone we know does it.

    Instead of being down about it, take this chance to think about your own life, and all those things that are special to you.

    Most people don't understand suicide because they're mentally healthy and don't have the capacity to understand what it's like to suffer from a mental disorder. I knew a girl in high school whose friend's dad committed suicide, and this girl was going on and on about how she had no respect for the guy and how he was selfish and stupid and blah blah blah. It really pissed me off hearing this, because she didn't realize that he probably suffered from Major Depression Disorder or a variety of other disorders that honestly can bring even the biggest man to a point where they literally cannot take it anymore.

    Barely anyone even understands MDD. Most people say things like "I was really depressed yesterday," where really, a depressive episode has to last at least two weeks before you'll even be diagnosed with MDD. Being clinically depressed is a lot different from being sad, so to all you mentally healthy people out there who think that you've been depressed when your favorite singer didn't win on American Idol, you have no clue what depression is or how it can affect anyone.

    Telling someone who's depressed to "grow a sack" and "make life what you want it" is going to do absolutely nothing to help them, so don't waste your time.

    RIP Anyone who walked this earth in such a misunderstood manner. Sorry no one out there was able to help you guys... it's just not right.

    Sorry for the rant.
  7. that's really unfortunate to hear homie. i'll smoke one for his family and friends.

    but for real.. who the fuck goes out by jumping in front of a train? i mean - suicide's hard enough for me to understand. why you'd choose that method just boggles my mind even more..
    not to mention it was a freight train..........

    i'd think somebody would at least have picked an express train to make sure it hit hard enough to kill
  8. Because he knew he would definitely die a pretty much instant death. He probably didn't have a gun and had no way to get one. He probably didn't want to try to overdose on pills, because if he woke up in the ER, not only would he still be alive, but they'd have cops ask him questions, put him in a hospital, etc.. He might not have wanted to hang himself. I know I wouldn't. What else is he gonna do, knife himself? I'd rather jump in front of a train.
  9. ^i'm just sayin. a freight train. i wouldn't like my odds of instant death with one of those. they don't go all that fast. not to mention they tried to stop.. so it was going even slower when it hit him.
  10. Yeahh, I know exactly where it happened too & the trains over there never go fast at all.
    & I'm sure none of us really want the details anyways..

    Just reading the story leaves gruesome images in my head :(
  11. "Celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing..."
  12. This isn't relevant but, did he smoke weed?
  13. Sometimes, it just too hard. :(
  14. a guy i graduated with shot himself under the chin with a .22 because his girl dumped him. he was a very social cool guy, nobody expected him to do that. bad thing is since it was such a small caliber it it didnt kill him instantly, the doc said he bleed to death on his floor. a guy i know went to his house and found him dead...
    i couldnt kill myself no way

  15. I highly doubt it. He didn't seem like the type..

    But he was on all types of medication I guess

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