1-800-Suicide (Rest in peace?)

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  1. The Press-Enterprise story

    So apparently, yesterday around 1:30 pm somebody I went to school with decided that he had nothing else to live for & committed suicide by walking in front of a train.

    I honestly can't say I knew anything about him at all.

    But I did play basketball with this kid back in the day, which was enough for me to actually think, "damn... why?"

    After talking with another friend, I found out that he had family issues & was on all sorts of medication for some even greater psychological issues.
    I remember him not being too social, so right away this is one of those it's always the quiet ones moments.

    I'm not really sure why I'm so stuck on this though. It's not like I've seen or heard from him in years.
    I actually think he's in one of the pictures my mom took at my graduation.

    There's just so many questions.. & I can't even imagine how it is for the people who were close to him :(
    I guess I'm just trippin..

    Either way, rest in peace man.
  2. Fuck dude, life just seems to take some odd turns, huh? Sorry for your loss, even though you didn't know him well. An innocent life lost is always a tragedy.

    I always feel especially bad for those who have troubled childhoods or need medicine for psychological problems. They have to try so much harder just to be "normal."

  3. Yeah, that would do it.

    Sorry for your loss, man.
    I know you didn't know him well, but suicide is never easy.
  4. oh that's sad. i hate my life but i couldn't imagine being able to do that
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    Life's so fucking random.
    Thanks you guys for at least reading & the good vibes

    Obviously I'm not asking for sympathy or anything, I just wanted people to know how easy it is for people to drop in & out of your life

    It's funny too how I was telling my friend just last week that generally, humans don't appreciate life, nor do they respect death.

    I can't see exactly why this dude would do that to himself. But I guess he just couldn't take it anymore.. This world, his family, or just life period.
  6. damn, if you can just make it to 21, you should be okay. You reach a certain age where you just don't care enough to commit suicide. Or maybe I'm just not suicidal?:confused:

  7. idk dude. i'm 24 and.... i'm not ok.

    only thing that keeps me from leaving this place is because i don't want to hurt the people around me.
  8. Yeah I'm 21 and that's the same reason I don't go through with it.
  9. I'm like an animal. I'm just living. No regrets. Well okay some regrets..... but just never taking shit too seriously.

    If someone pisses me off, or I had a bad day I just smoke a bowl... yaa I don't know where I'm going with that that's not a good habit :-/

    But what I'm trying to say is, when I think of wanting off this earth... I remind myself that life is short, and I'm going to make it to the end like a soldier :cool:
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    Not everyone can live like that, man.

    Some people can't even force themselves to.
    Hell, a lot of people can't even force themselves to be happy.

    It's a fucked up world we live in, sometimes it's hard not being fucked up.
  11. We're all fucked up if you ask me. The question is, how are you fucked up? You get to know anyone long enough and you find out they're not as content as they appear to be.

    No to be a dick, but some people should comit suicide. More often than not, the people who need to kill themselves never do.;)

    I wish I had a magic power where I can make someone want to kill themselves. Like I could force someone to vizualize having sex with their mother vividly over and over again until they just kill themselves. :laughing:


    Or am I?

    Tune in next week to find out!!!:smoke:
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    Hey sorry for your loss

    I can see what the guy was thinking about when he did it maybe he had it hard in life i can understand that. Cause sometimes i get depressed like that and i just call someone like a friend or familymembe well i got friends and famliy i can call and talk to anytime of the day over stuff like that if im haveing a hard time if i just get so low that i seem to be nothing but a spec of dirt in life to just be whiped out. So i can fill for him but he should of got help or something thats not the way to go if you wanna kill your self i tell my self and others sometimes join the military if you wanna die so bad.

    Still thought im sorry for your loss and that famlilys loss.

    Rest in peace may you find your way to what you seek.
  13. People need to seek help. Bottom line. Friends, family, counselors, anything. Reach out to the ones you love if you are feeling down. Life is precious ....
  14. such a permanent solution to a temporary problem :(

    i'm sorry for your loss man. those with psychological problems really have it difficult.

    instead of focusing on the loss of his life, focus on the progression of yours. your time will come too, do something amazing before then
  15. Come on, dude. You're a man. Man UP, grow a sack and make life exactly what you want it to be. You just have to want something. There's millions of people out there who have it much worse than you, so be grateful for everything you have.
  16. people can't help the way the feel sometimes. regardless of who has it worse, its not always about ending your life its about not feeling the way you are feeling anymore. depression and suicidal ideation are not a choice you make and usually when you feel that way you WANT to feel better they just can't
  17. Can't believe no one has posted this awesomely relevant song yet

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTXeg-Swq9w]YouTube - Gravediggaz - 1-800 Suicide[/ame]
  18. Wow that's one brutal way to commit suicide. There's no guarantee you won't be mangled underneath the train before your death.

    ^and yeah that's for sure what I thought when I read the thread title too.

  19. all i want is to be happy. that's it.

    "a lot of ppl are in the same shoes.. a lot of people have it worse" Yea i'm not stupid, I know that. But really dude, knowing that doesn't fucking help for a second. Actually it makes ya think that it's never going to get better.

    yup yup.

    I'm doing the therapy thing and a bunch of other b/s. I am trying, but I'm not getting far.

  20. This was the same with me before I started toking. Now even when I'm not high I don't feel suicidal, unless I take a T-break. Sorry to all those who were hurt by this guy's death, but he got out.. While we're still stuck here like rats in a cage, there's an exit but we're afraid to leave because we don't know what's outside of these walls...

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