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1/8 oz?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by travilanche, May 23, 2010.

  1. I don't know why I can't just find a straight answer to this somewhere so I am going to ask it anyway. How much butter can 1/8 oz of dank make for the butter to be effective? Also how much of it should be eaten at once for full effect? Also would 1/8 oz of dank be enough to make one batch of brownies?

    At 60 bucks an eighth I really can't afford to buy anymore at a time than that, and I really can't afford to waste the shit. But I can't smoke in my apartment anymore because the smell is gonna get me busted for sure.

    I tried firecrackers and they don't do jack, so I have to find another way to cook this shit an 1/8 at a time.
  2. I understand that you have money issues, but eating edibles (even though i'm sure many people do do this), to me isn't sustainable. If smell is an issue for you, buy a vape, if money is an issue for you then you can buy a magic flight launch box for under 100$ over there I believe, almost the price of an 8th for you. It doesn't smell and will be a completely worth your while and you won't need to go through the hastle of making edibles every time you wanna get high.
    Sorry it's not really a proper answer to your question but, in my humble opinion, that's the course of action you should take.
  3. The problem is that a cop came and knocked on my door the other night looking for someone who used to live here, and he smelled the weed and grilled the shit out of me about it. Even threatened to come back with a drug dog if I didn't admit to it and give him everything I had. I denied his pig ass and told him he wasn't getting in without a warrant. So now I'm nervous that that will either happen, or he will let my apartment office know my place smells like weed and they will start snooping around. So I am nervous to even have any weed or paraphernalia in my place, and I already have a vaporizer.

    But since the edibles don't kick in for an hour or so after you eat them, and they last a little longer, it's no big deal to make the edibles, take them to a friends place, and then go over there and have some, then go home and enjoy my stone if I want to do it alone.

    As much as I smoke at a time when I'm by myself I'm not worried about wasting the stuff, dank as it is because I usually smoke 4 or 5 bowls by myself over the course of a couple hours.

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