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1/8 of lemon berry

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MASTERofGANJA, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Pretty good stuff I just picked up earlier

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  2. Looks like some high mids at best, but i'd smoke it. That name is def some bull shit
  3. Is it sticky?
  4. Wouldnt that just make it dank? Lol
  5. It is sticky and smokes well.
  6. Looks good man, I'd definitely smoke it. How does it smell?

  7. I don't live in a medical state, so names usually are bull shit but I still get Really nice dank from time to time even if my dealer made up the name on the spot lol. Yeah I'd agree looks like some good mids.

    That's the important stuff!
  8. It does smell pretty strong and here's a picture wire different lighting.

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  9. lemon berry sounds a bit off but none the less those nugs look dank as fuck
  10. good orange hairs, looks like good sativa.
  11. Definition of Mids, but you say it smokes good so that is all that matters
  12. Looks more like some kine bud.
  13. Lemon berry, sounds like restaurant lemonade :)
  14. Looks nice man
  15. You did good. I'd definitely smoke that bad boy.
  16. Def some high grade mids. I would buy much for an 1/8?
  17. It's not the best dank but its worth what u paid for it. I payed 60 and I weighed to around a 4.1

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