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1.7 gram firecracker didn't do much. What did I do wrong?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by GT2RS, Nov 26, 2011.

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    I followed these directions exactly 420tainment's Best Weed Firecrackers Recipe (with Pictures) | 420tainment
    Used organic oily peanut butter, added a little butter, mixed it all together with 1.7 grams of nicely ground $350 an oz bud. Spread about 1/2 a centimeter on each side of gramcracker. Baked it for 30 mins at 335 tightly wrapped in foil. I was really hoping this would knock me on my ass but it's been over 2 hours and I've kinda got a funky body buzz going but not near the effects I was hoping for eating almost 2 grams of dank. What did I do wrong? Is it because I vaped like .3 in my iolite earlier today? I'm about to go bong a bowl to try and make up for this $25 edible disappointment. :mad:
    I did this on a pretty much empty stomach also.
  2. did you grind up the bud as fine as possible?
  3. It got ground up pretty damn fine. Not to like sand texture but like sea salt size. I don't really have a way of grinding it any finer.
  4. thats more than enough lol. umm, are you used to heavy indicas? because at 335 CBD aint gonna be doing anything.
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    edibles can take up to 1 hour to 2 hours before you start to feel any effects AT ALL
    since your feeling it alittle let it sit with you till atleast four hours from eating time before you vape or bong anything, you never know it just might be taking its time.
    another trick in making edibles is to decarb your MJ, so grind it up like normal then wrap it like its a drop of water so its round down the bottom and scrunched up top, chuck in the oven at a tempreture that weed does not vape for 20 minutes, then take out and let it cool down before opening the tinfoil. then cook as you already were.

    i did the same recipee that you did except with roughly .5 or .6 grams with really strong indica dank and i left it on the windowsill whear it could catch the sunlight for a couple of hours everyday (i used gladwrap for the window sill) and after 4 days i took out set my oven to 130 c and unwrapped and rewrapped in alfoil and then baked em for 20 minutes, my brother , friend and me were lit beyond our minds. sometimes if you dont decard the THC wont be absorbed into the fat (depends on the bud) i was lucky but i wont make that mistake again could have lost a fair bit of bud.

    the most common mistake people make with edibles is that after 1 hour they dont feel anything and they think it has not worked so they eat more and more and then get insanely fucked out of their minds, they enjoy it but still who want to be so couchlocked you cant go to the bathroom. happened to my cousin with post brownies and she was baked for 48 hours straight luckily she was still able to function alittle lol.
  6. ah yes, you never said how long ago you consumed this
  7. Yeah I'm really used to indicas that's what I prefer. The ounce is pretty indica dominant I'd say at least 70/30. And yeah I read about putting the weed in the oven at like 250 for 10-15 mins but I read it would smell bad and that would piss my mom off.
  8. put it at 350 for 20. you wana get that cbd decarbed. otherwise your just getting the low amounts of THC
  9. I started eating at 9pm finished it in 10 mins and it's 11:32 here now. My parents say I look baked and I do feel high but it's comparable to a lower temp vape high. Hold on I'll post a picture of the cookie
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    Did I make it too thick? I might have exaggerated a little on the half centimeter haha
  11. nah looks fine. but like i said, if its a heavy indica, itll be low in THC and very high in CBD. as you stated it felt like a low temp vape. what this means if alot of your CBD is still in need of a decarb. Next time, i would first just sprinkle it on the butter or whatever you used and let it sit somewhere warm for a few hours( this actually helps a decent amount) then cook it at higher temps than usual. it'll probably taste like shit still but firecrackers always taste like straight shit. next when you take it out id let it cool off before unwrapping
  12. yehp well if you feeling a little high you will more then likely get a hell of alot higher, leave it a few hours if nothing happens then vape it up bro and do it better next time.

  13. Yea this could turn out to be the case aswell. if not, take a vaporbong hit(if you can) there legit shit

  14. yeah i love my vapebong hits only just started recently it gets me above and beyond but nowhere as far as an edible
  15. To be honest I kept clipping corners and stumbling when walking around my house so I think this thing is kicking my ass and I don't realize it yet. I have work at 9am I hope I still feel it
  16. I forgot to mention I did this same thing with 2 grams of medium ABV bud and nutella and I literally felt nothing. I did that for 22 mins at 320 though.
  17. good to hear its starting to work :) now try to spin around on one foot and if you can do it withought any failure at all just wait another hour and you wont even be able to barely stand lol
  18. if theres one thing ive learned about firecrackers, its that they creep up on you. Whats even crazier is that it takes two fucking hours!! haha
  19. my firecrackers only take an hour but then i usually leave my ones out for atleast 4 days to a week before putting in the oven

    as for munchies when i do edibles i dont get the full on cravings if i see food ill eat it but if not then i dont even think about it

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