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1.65 grams for $30?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shehzaddd, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. what do you guys think? ripoff or legit?
  2. Ripped the fuck off. For me anyway...
  3. 1.65g.....of what?
  4. #4 shehzaddd, Aug 31, 2011
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    bubba og.
  5. 1.65 what an odd number for you too get ripped off at.
  6. i pretty much got ripped anyway. the deal was 2 grams for $30.
  7. Better than 20 a gram..
  8. It's alright upload pics broooooooah
  9. You didnt get ripped over all. But you did get ripped outta the actual deal.
  10. 1.65g for $30 sounds like a normal price if it is high grade weed
  11. Since 1g is $20, and .5 is $10 here, you're getting .15 free.
  12. who the hell sells 1.65 g?
  13. #13 shehzaddd, Aug 31, 2011
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    yeah thats what i was thinking. my friend keeps telling me its a ripoff and that he pays $35 for a quad.
  14. lol, 1.7 for 30$ is the norm. i would say u got ripped .05 which is little to nothing by itself.
  15. 35 for a quad of the same stuff?

    It's not a rip off because those are the "standard" prices around here. Basically that's as high as they can charge you without insulting themselves I guess, but still, 20/g is retarded and it should never be that high
  16. I pay 20 a g for chron so yeaaa
  17. lol thats a fat rip here
  18. the price is legit but who the fuck sells in .65 ???? but yeahh i pay $20/g - $30/1.5g - $40/2g..
  19. for 30$ i get an eighth. which is 3.5, usually give's me 4.
  20. Who the hell sells 1.65 man? that itself sounds bad lol

    Yo, I got you on a 1.86 sack bro!

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