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  1. I'm ripped, eating chips, drinking coffee, watching Community, might change it to Daria and listening to my roommate play Dungeons and Dragons with two friends. What're you guys up to?
  2. Reading your post. I might read another post later.
  3. Listening to dubstep, waiting for my friend to wake up so we can wake n bake and match each other lol and on the forums
  4. Playing fifa 11, chillin with my friend and a vaporizer :D
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    Be still my arteries, food time is the best time.

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  6. Me? im just beatin a bunch of big dudes up,im so tough. :smoke:
  7. Oooo what a boss~
  8. yea serriously if i dude even breathe around me wrong im goin strait for the jugular( I also have some karate experience 2 so im pretty well rounded in all fighting scenarios, streetfighting, bar fighting, cage fighting etc.)So if you have any punks harassin you come 2 me ill handle it:smoke:

  9. Come at me dude, we'll see whos tough:devious:
  10. I like your gun.
  11. sharing ranch corn nuts with my little one,watching family guy and enjoying the smell of wings baking
  12. Mabye you didnt read my post good enough, Im well rounded in all fighting scenarios, street fight, bar fight and cagefighting. yea i know enough said and the appology is accepted lol
  13. Just re-subscribed to netflix/ hyper stoned
  14. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Awesome :3

  16. Ya, it's a good night.
  17. just finished first year at college. in my room, debating if i should whip out the bong and rip that shit in here or not
  18. Just masterdebating and wondering if I should whip it out and show everyone in Grass City.
  19. its like 4 am here and im drunk. i was layin in bed and i thought my bed would look better over there so i got up and started cleaning. then im gonna move it.

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