~$1,500 to spend...Best (SG) Bong out there?

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  1. Wow, I was starting to question why some of the people posting here seemed so pissed off, but there is no way in hell that hing is worth anywhere close to 2k. A really cool piece, but fuck, that's straight up robbery.
  2. Haha..true dat. Why so serious peeps?... Its not like she used your $1800

    But yeah... Its suppose to be a signature piece, only two ever made..prolly why it had the ridic price tag.
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    Me personally, I just feel like that coil is a scam. They tack on mad extra $$$ for a glorified ice cube. Of course it's not like she used our $1800, but wouldn't you feel bad for someone when they spend almost double the price they should, on an inferior product compared to other less expensive options?

    Shit, she prob could have walked into ayeltee's actual shop and picked up that worked gold label pillar for like $2200 (vs the $3000 it was listed for originally on the site) if they still had it in stock. And unless she sells it to a someone that's not informed about glass at all, it just lost a majority of it's resale value. And god forbid someone drops it/knocks it over/the dog farts on it and it breaks.
  4. walking into *** doesnt make a dang bit of difference. They arent your normal head shop that will cut you deals. I drove 300 miles round trip for a piece once and they wouldn't knock any money off of it eventho it was scratched to hell lol
  5. Damn, I didn't know that, that's ridiculous (scratched to hell and no money off...wow.)

    All the same, I'm sure she could have found any number of bongs that were cheaper than functioned better, and didn't have a glorified ice cube that added $600 to the price.

    Also, if the coil ever breaks, she's got a $1800 beaker that acts as a paperweight. I'm sure she wouldn't be able to use that as a bubbler without the coil/mouthpiece.
  6. Hahhahahah...I shoulda called it a "glorified ice cube".. that might have swayed her from buying it.

    I wish I knew a nice LHS that I can get good in with that cut deals...

    Yes I know the piece is massively overpriced. I feel the burden... keep in mind.. this is her FIRST piece of glass. She usually only vapes for health reasons... finally she wants to take up flowers. :D

    There is much room for improvement function wise. Wishful thinking...but ...Stem8 or peyote pillar in the future me hopes :rolleyes: !
  7. Damn what the fuck... how did that tube cost 1500? I remember 2-3 years ago some kids in high school put together their money and bought one just like that for 700 at the local headshop - same exact color scheme and a logo on the back that looked very similar but after 2 people hit it, the top part had already melted and I was just stuck with a warm nasty super draggy hit - and I mean SUPER DRAG. I would think the price would drop, how the fuck did it actually go up?!
  8. This was a bit of a painful thread to go through. Pretty much in agreement with most people, it seems overpriced as helllll, but to each their own I guess.

    But imo if she feels the need to upgrade from her first bong when she spent almost 2g on it.....you done fucked up.
  9. [​IMG]

    Get a 300$ SGW waffle perc. Get 1200$ of weed.

    1500$ for a bong is ridiculous. I didn't even spend that much on my effing car.
  10. Fuck spending 1500$ on glass, buy a nice 300$ bong and get your self a quarter pound of some fine cheeba
  11. 400-500$ glass and a lot of weed?
  12. The person bought a piece already give it up guys
  13. What's the difference between the premium or platinum coil whatever the fuck its called than a regular one? Just color?
  14. Glorified showerhead...

    *Poorly designed, glorified showerhead.

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