1.5 week old sprout dropping leaves

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  1. So I have 2 young plants that I transplanted a few days ago. One is doing great and none of the leaves are drooping. The other one has been drooping for the past few days (before transplant). The cotyledon leaves are also yellowing and dying which I know is normal but it seems a little early for this to happen.. the healthy one is yellowing a little but they look nothing like droopy one. I'm really confused because I know I haven't been overwatering. I use a spray bottle and make sure the soil I completely dry before watering again. My temp has been pretty high during the day between 90 - 95 degrees. But I don't think this is the problem since the other is looking so healthy. The closet doesn't have very good ventilation yet until I invest into a small fan. Sorry if the photos are hard to see, the led light is really bright.

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  2. I would definitely start by trying to get those temps down. It doesn't look too concerning to me honestly but I think it's probably heat stress. 95 is absolutely too hot for them, even if one of them isn't showing stress yet.

    Droopy leaves say underwatering, but your pictures look more like twisted/wavy leaves which can definitely be a symptom of heat stress especially if you say they aren't getting good ventilation.

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  3. Thank you for the input, I just found a small fan and put it in there a half hour ago. The temp is way better now. Hopefully that solves the problem and she perks back up. :)
  4. As dude above said get that air flowing and exchanging or youll end up with a super tall lanky plant with spaced out buds no solid colas, other than that she looks like a precious lil baby
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  5. Nice to see another Michigan grower, SE metro Detroit area over here...you been keeping up with legislation n shit at all?

  6. Word, im on the opposite side of the state west side, no i have not been keeping up what's the word?
  7. shit, too much to keep up with, IDK if u got dispensaries where ur at, but all the ones out here are shutting down or getting caught for their weed failing tests n shit. I've been thinking about getting my caregiver license honestly u got a card?

  8. That's really shitty, no i let my card expire few months back due to the legalization, but to keep up with the demand as of lately i think going to get my caregivers license too man already have a few patients lined to do so with, so i can attempt to keep up with demand, you been thinkin the same thing lately? It's fuckin dry as shit around here as far as any quality goes on the west side of the state my friend
  9. yep exactly. I guess u can legally grow more than 12 plants if u got the caregiver card so that'll give me peace of mind to start more plants more often n expand a bit. plus if u got patients coming by at regular intervals n they want the same thing every time it would make life easy

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