1.5 to 2 week in flowering help

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  1. Hey all, im gong on 2 weeks soon and i wanted to ask every one if this is what it should look like. Im getting hopefully 4 20 watt cfl 2700k tommorow and hopefully that should help cuz i uave another one that im using. Atm im using 2 23 watts 5000k and a 20 watt 2700k. But is the plant suppose to be where its suppose to be. Please help. And whats autoflowering.and how to tell if thats what it is?










  2. I do have homemade co2 in there and dont mind the hair. Thats mine and didnt realize that it was there. It was removed. Also for got to say it on 12/12 (i no its normal time just giving details) and i use fertilizer. So hop this helps
  3. Anyone help :(
  4. 1. take some deep breaths she doesn't look bad..
    2. its pre-flowering right now you can see where the buds are coming and you have crystals on some of the leaves already. im on day 15 and i still have no crystals
    3. if anything get more lights. higher wattage too. look into some 40w cfl at least. one 23w cfl is 1600 lumens a 40w is 2600 lumens
    4. auto flowering is what is says the plant will auto flower whether you change the lights to 12/12 or not....
  5. Thank u so much.
  6. right now i think your only probly is not enough light. you want at least 10000 lumens
  7. It looks like you got some hairs going on in pic 5 so I think you might be good.
  8. Update at 2 weeks.
    California orange.




    Northern lights.



  9. the tops of the plants look sad. do you have any light from above??
    you want light from the sides and top other then that they look ok
  10. Yeah no i dont have light there but am getting white paper to hopefully get it. It grew more then expected. Only have limit amount of space. So is this still preflower or is it budding. Sorry really high atm. Lol. Anyways i did get more lighs. 3 26watt 2700k and a 20 watt 2700k cfls. I kno it needs more but waiting for a bulb spliter. So yeah. Glad to here its doing good. Thanks for all the help.

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