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1.5 QT CrockPOT

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ac3adt, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Hey GC i just picked up a 1.5 qt crockpot from HEB and i'm looking into making some canna-oil with coconut oil.

    My question is in regards to the temperature i should cook it at. The crockpot came with a list of Approximate Temperatures on each setting and i want to know which would be best.

    High Setting:
    1hr - 133 degrees F
    2hr - 187 F
    3hr - 206 F
    4hr - 212 F
    5hr - 212 F
    6hr - 212 F
    (it appears 212 F is the highest it gets)

    Low Setting:
    1hr - 112 F
    2hr - 146 F
    3hr - 171 F
    4hr - 186 F
    5hr - 195 F
    6hr - 203 F

    How should i go about cooking my oil?

    I was thinking about cooking for 5-6 hrs. the first 3 on high, then maybe switching down to low for an little, and then back up to high for the last hr or two.



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