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1.5 oz? smoke or brownies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by blakemuz, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. i got sum stuff to make hash oil from my dealer iam prettty sure he hooked me up? i got 1.5 oz for 20 its ground up and green and alot of it i smoked it tasted good and iam high as fuck right now and i did one bowl its bright green but not a super stong mj smell for being 1.5 os it filled a big ass tuper wear container and i cld smoke evreday for a month and it wldnt be gone what to do?
  2. /quit life, retire to marijuana heaven. smoke mad trees there.
  3. So you got 1.5 ozs of bud? not shake and trim for 20$ did u forget a zero? If not
    You must have a crazy connect and it doesnt have a strong weed smell its an ounce and a half how long have you been toking?
  4. I'm assuming it must be really shitty for that price so I'd do something other than smoking. Personally I can't handle smokin schwag anymore just gives me a terrible taste and headache
  5. ive ben tokeing a month and i smoked sum last night no headache good high didnt taste like shit he said it was just the leaves but its got tons of little buds the size of pencil erasers
    iam pretty sure he knows sum one high up cuz he gives me hella good deals. ill post pic later tonight.
  6. Lmao at this thread:D
  7. lolol at this thread as well.

    let the new guy smoke his shitty weed if it gets him high.
  8. smoke it for suree:smoke:
  9. sounds like maybe trim from a grow??? idk either way if you only paid $20bucks for 1.5oz i would say you are one lucky guy...

    make some brownies, if 1 bowl got you stoned..maybe use half for brownies and smoke the rest...lucky you...

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