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1.5 million dollar bust

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stonerobot, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. On so there was a 1.5 million dollar bust in my town this weed they said there was about a 1000 plant. Me and my friend went out were the bust was and you can smell the Jane. I think there might be some out there so were going back today after I get off of work hopefully its there. Oh its been cold outside you think the bud still good?

    I want to find some because that gonna cause a drought probably hahaha.
  2. Don't go back. They probably have cameras set up to see who comes back for their harvest.
  3. I highly recommend not going back either.

    If anything was left, it was left there for a reason.
  4. ^what they said

    going back is probably one of the dumbest things you could do, even if its not your crop
  6. I concur on the mask, and gloves. I would wear something not memorable...i.e certain bright clothing, or clothing with symbols or such on it. Make sure nothing they can identify you with is shown. Not phones, not scars, not tats, not shit. But, other then that I would stake that shit out for a lil bit, then pull a fucking vietnam soldier on that shit and creep up on it, grab all you can within a few minutes and then HAULLLL ASSS.

  7. Now that I can do its free lol ill go back at night or like at 6 or 7 when its getting dark. Ive been out there already so why not again
  8. yea that would work but I gotta find the Jane first I can smell it haven't found it yet
  9. Yea, if this is real, your not thinking nearly as much as you should... A $1,500,000 drug bust, cops live for that shit. I bet you- No, I guaran-fucking-tee that their is going to be some kind of law enforcement agent their, staked out trying to make his big break. If it was 1000 plants... (which I really doubt) then its definitely in the woods, and there is definitely someone out there in camo, waiting to tackle your ass and bring you in to be the big bad super hero.

    But my opinion, this is a bunch of bullshit.
  10. Where;s the link to the story?

    I call bullshit on this one.

    Unless you really find it, then get the masks, and be fast. Faster than the agent already posted in the woods. Or the 50 police cars racing towards you the second they see you on camera.

  11. Yea try Googling a 1.5 million dollars bust in topeka. I hate when people saying I'm lying look it up then say something.

  12. $1.5 Million Dollar Marijuana Bust - - News, Weather, Sports - Topeka, Kansas
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    I googled it and found nothing... according to google the last big drug bust in topeka was 200 lbs of marijuana cookies march 20th 2009 :p

    Well according to that the plants were all destroyed but hey who knows, if you think it's worth it to risk going and trying to scrape up some weed that was left behind go for it man, just be careful. Also if you were there earlier and nothing has happened to you yet that's a good sign I'd say.
  14. Looked it up, found nothing
  15. Did you watch the video? The plants are long gone man, it might still smell like bud, but I bet you there is nothing left. Also the old guy in the video made it sound like there was a murder living next to him.
  16. Well when you don't give us your location its kind of hard to find a news report on it... So don't act like we are dumbasses...
  17. ^couldnt have said it better my self DONT DO IT! youve been warned.
  18. lol i just went out there with him...we didnt find shit. got really high though.

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