1.5-2 Oz Per Plant. Is This Good Or Am I Doing Something Wrong? (:

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  1. Hi all, im on about my 5th grow. Room is 1m x 1m x 2m. I normally do around 6 plants under a 400w and get 1.5-2 oz per plant.
    Is this ok or should i be getting alot more??
    Any tips would be great if i should be getting more.
    Ps i have just changed to a 600w to see if that helps, so far ive noticed im getting bigger buds lower on the plant :)

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    The best advice I can give you is to keep reading and learning! I-avg'd about 2oz/p. But did not pay much attention to nutrients or ph and had heat problems! But it was quality medicine!  There's always room for improvement.  :smoke:
  3. Sounds alrite to me man have you ever tried running 4 plants? If that was my space Id probably try for 2 even and just see if I could get more per plant. Keep learning and that would be first thing I tryed to do is see if I could get more off less plants. But if total weight isn't more is it any better?
  4. watch this dudes videos...i forgot which one it is...but he explains how he gets his plants huge

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