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1/4 of some Mary J

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by FuzzyNug, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. If anyone has a accurate or a 1/4 of weed you should do me a favour and post the picture here or take one please. I'm picking up a 1/4 tommarow and I just want a thought of how much i'm gettin kinda...i'm gonna buy a scale today aswell (it's 4:47am here) so yeah.. if you got a pic please post it much apperciated
  2. you should just post your pic
  3. two of these bags is a quarter

  4. #4 FuzzyNug, Feb 27, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 27, 2009
    wow did you just take that? lol
    if you would help to have like a actual object next to it to compare size like a coin or something. but thanks for that pic. I plus repped you.
  5. those are either small bags or you get hooked with some fat fucken quarters.
  6. yeah it looks like way too much, maybe just pic taken closely?
  7. its a close picture... see the size of the keyboard in the background :shrug:
  8. the bags are 4 keyboard keys wide give or take.
  9. more like one
  10. those 4 bags up there are definitely gram bags, so if you mean two of those bags is 2 grams then yeah, it is

    delicious nug tho
  11. Not to be offensive but this thread is kind of pointless

    What weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks? If you're not the biggest stoner on this forum, you realize that they're the same. Just because feathers take up more space, doesn't mean that it's any less/more then the bricks.

    Eye'ing bags out is stupidity. Do people eye out amounts of ANYTHING in this world anymore? You make a cake, do you just "EYE" out the amount of flour, water, sugar, baking soda etc? No.

    If you care enough to take a picture and post, then you can save up 20 bucks and get a .01 gram scale from e-bay.

    GL peace!
  12. well i just suggest you buy a scale bc its hard to eyeball anything over 2 grams for me accuratly.

  13. dude

    those look big for 8ths
    which they are apparently, according to the man who posted them

    if those are grams (meaning the picture has four one gram baggies) i will shit

    and then shit again

    refusing to clean myself of my own filth
    I will wallow in it for days

    do you hear me?


    on a more serious note though (bro i was just playing trying to make a joke)
    mister op

    you might want to (if you are planning on becoming a regular at the marijuana pickup) invest in a cheap scale
    they are usually no more than 20 dollars on ebay and should suffice for your purposes

    a quarter should be seven grams of ganja

    keep in mind that most baggies weigh at least a gram

    and good luck kimosabe
  14. nice weed:confused:
  15. Uhm....I didnt want to like eyeball it I just wanted a sample of how much im gettin...I do have a scale but I wanted to see what a accurate 1/4 looks like before I buy..sorry

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