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  1. ok heres my question i used search to find a good amount to use and most ppl were recommending 1/8 to ppl who havent tried it.. is a 1/4 too much for shroomin or will i still be able to keep cool.. i don wanna take a 1/4 thinkin eveything will be cool then wake up somewhere in a park... does a 1/4 give you crazy trip or too much trip?
  2. 7 grams of shrooms for your first time? i think not. I woudnt even do 1/8 my first time. Depends a lot on the quality of shrooms you get, if they are picked from a field, then it may take 1/8. The first time I did it I did 2.5 and found that it was good for a first time. I am gonna trip 4 this week sometime.
  3. Heh I guess it all really depends on the potency of the shrooms. I've taken an 8th and a 1/2 and had a decent trip. But then a couple of weekends ago I got 1/2 8th and I tripped harder than I have ever tripped before so yeah.

    But for your first time, I would recommend just an 8th, that should give you a good trip. Some say to take a half 8th your first time to get the feeling for shrooms so you don't get a bad trip, but its up to you.
    Oh yeah I forgot to answer your question. Yes if you take a 1/4 you'd be trippin real hard heh.
  4. I say eat a half eighth to check potency. then next weekend eat an eighth and a half. Shrooms are actually pretty smooth, ive never seen a bad trip but that doesnt mean they dont happen. Just make sure you relax your eyes and go somewhere with a lot of patterns or close together lines like wood grain or some tile or anything with good texture. you should get some pics online to put up before you trip.

  5. lol, last few times me and 2 friends split a 1/4 3 ways and tripped hard. that would be insane for you..... and you wouldnt wake up somewhere, i find it nearly impossible to fall asleep while trippin... too much goin on in the head to concentrate on rest lol
  6. wow, so much unknown things about such a touchy subject. the experience of 'shrooms' otherwise known as psilocybin all depends on the strain of psilocybe you get. id say the most general strain is Stropharia Cubensis just because its easy to grow, has moderate potency as well. You should always weigh the dosage before taking mushrooms. i Took about 3 Grams my first time which is about 1/8

    <2G's - 1/16oz
    2-4G's - 1/16 - 1/8oz
    4-14G's - 1/8 - 1/2oz etc

    typically the dosage ranges from anything from half a gram to 5 grams. its worth noting that the outcome of the experience is determined on the set and setting, if you dont know what that is dont take them. they are physiologically harmless, the LD 50 on them is absurdly high, around 200 times the effective dose, however thats usually not the problem, or it is and people shouldnt worry about it. What the problem is, is the psychological issue, which is a bigger problem than physical toxicity. taking psilocybin is an experience keen for intellectual review. chances are if you dont know what psilocybin is, chemically, that is not knowing what your ingesting, its not for you, period. its not a rec drug but that goes without saying
  7. I am going to try half of 1/8oz sometime soon to get it really mild so I can know the feel of it. This is apparently really good stuff though, my one friend ate 1/8oz of it and didnt know his own name.
  8. im sorry, but based solely on your response to my reply, i think these are not for you, however once you try them yourself and if your not sheek about taking them, i am confident you will not go back to them, which is a good thing for people like you.
  9. ^^^^^

    People like you!? Woah, dude, you don't need to be rude about it!

    Yeah dude, got for it, my first time, I took half an 8th and the other half after 45 minutes. Someone told me it was crazy shit, but it kinda wasn't. I handled an 8th over the course of an hour, take it slowly. Judge your trip accordingly. If you enjoy it, wait, and take the other half an 8th after a few hours and trip again.

    Shrooms are the most recreational of the hallucinogens that i've ever tried. See if you can find a friend that you trust a lot, and have him drive you around places that you go often. Don't get out of the car, but its a fuckin' trip to see stuff you normally see everyday in the light of shrooms. Maybe smoke a J too, sometimes that can help. Other times it can ruin your trip. Just let yourself be the judge. Be sure if no one els eis around, that you don't go anywhere. It's easy to get lost.

    EDIT:: I like your sig "Not quite, but almost entirely unlike tea." Hey man, they hung in the air in almost exactly the same way bricks don't. Douglas Adams rules!
  10. Shrooms are great. It is hard to tell how potent a certain batch of shrooms is without sampling it first. Ive tripped enough times on shrooms and Ive never had a trip I could not handle/did not enjoy. Ive been more messed up from 3 grams of a certain batch than 7 grams from a different batch. Haha, I love shrooms though, every time I do them is awesome. My last trip like 2 months ago was kinda weak though, weak shrooms, I ate 3 grams and it didn't do too much. Next time I find some I wanna make it something special, Ill eat like a 1/2 ounce haha, that would be awesome.

    My first time I ate a gram and it didnt do much, try at least 2 grams for your 1st time, a 1/8th should be fine.
  11. i did shrooms for the first time last night i put a whole 1/4 on these two slices of pizza and chowed down, i got unbelieveably fucked up i basically had to have someone explain everything for me the whole night, that part of ur eye where the color is wasnt there, it was just all black pupil, when i went outside i couldnt see the ground and i had to walk like 15 mintues to the mall, going thru woods, across a stream, across a 8 lane road with tons of traffic and thru this huge lot of tall grass, it was so fucked up because most of the time i couldnt tell if i was walking in water or dirt, and it was really scary one thing nice about the trip that i realized after is that if u just stay calm u will do everything right pretty much like if i reached into my pockets i would have a hard time understandthing that they were pocktes and i would wonder if my hands were really in them and i really didnt kno what was in them, but if someone asked me for somethin i could reach in and get it, also if someone was talkin to me i would bne able to respond to them in a general way that would make sense when i really had no idea what i was doing, i dont kno if im gonna do shrooms again, like things just happen how i was talkin about how things do themselves almost, one time during the night i went to the bathroom pulled out my dick and everything and then i looked down and i couldnt remember if i had pissed but i didnt have to anymore and then i had realized that i had done all this uncontrollably and without even thinkin about it, it jus happened, and i had a scary thought that i might jus like pull ym pants down int he middle of the mall if someone convinced me to, later that night i saw scooby doo witch was extremely cool, all the people werent talking, i could hear the sound but there mouths werent making it there mouths were jus goin up and down constantly extremely fast, so there are ups and downs to shrooms, ill prolly do them again but this time with people i kno better, everyone says how much u need a friend when u do it, but they need to be a really good friend but anyway jus do them in a safe enviroment and youll like them the quantitys up to u, its not like your gonna die fromt them, but u might have a bad trip id suggest an 1/8, but hey up to u
  12. Yeah shrooms are the most fun with a lover or a best friend. If I'm in a big group of people I'll wig out. I don't like people in general and when I'm tripping they scare me. I'm much more pack up with the girlfriend, go camping, eat shrooms, watch the sunset, and think huge thoughts. That's far more comfortable to me then freaking out around people.

    That and shrooms are awesome for long car trips. It's pretty much a straight shoot to the beach from my house, but it's a really long drive. But my buddy's and I, drove their tripping balls in a convertable that was awesome. And tripping can be far less obvious than smoking blunts going down the interstate.

  13. longest sentance...ever. sounds crazy but next time use periods!
  14. I've found that with me, the setting of it all is what makes the big difference when frying. Favorite place is out in the woods camping with a best friend or two. I ate 1/4th of some AWESOME shrooms saturday and it was the funnest trip I've ever had. For me the hallucinations are always the coolest shit ever, and the stars, trees, and a fire are the coolest things to watch.
    The only problem that I always seem to have, is when im no longer hallucinating, i snap back to reality QUICK, and when theres no one around to tell you whats real and whats not real, it can be a hard thing to deal with. Depth perception is always WAY off too, lol.
  15. ^^^^^^ They all said it for me. ^^^^^^^
  16. ...or you could try acid (1-2 hits), a low dose of acid to me is easier to handle than a low does of shrooms. Less confusing, anyone else? Plus, smoking on shrooms will make you trip alot harder, whereas on acid it probably won't affect you all that much (from what i've heard...)

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