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1/4 of headies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by cheesedoodles, May 29, 2009.

  1. my dealer said this was purple haze but im not really sure.
    [​IMG]what do you guys think?
    got it for 100 a quarter

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  2. Purple haze is an extinct strain, you were lied to. from the looks of it thats some bricked mids, and is worth 60 dollars a quarter max
  3. thats not headies.... mids at best.
  4. Yeah man, don't really trust dealers when they give out names like "purple haze", "G13", etc. Also, learn to look for the signs of dank bud. Next time you buy it, look for nice coloration, smell, trichomes, and hairs on the bud. If all of those are present, you probably have yourself some headies.

    What you have there is some brickity brick and you should not pay more than 30-40 a quad.
  5. yea, sry to be a downer but thats just some good mids. 50-60 a quarter at best. purple haze doesnt exist, so go tell your boy to shove it.
  6. lol .

  7. I could get that for 70 an ounce :/
  8. haha. sorry im kinda new to this. just started tokin a month ago.
    thanks for the advice. i assumed it was good because of the purple on it..:(
  9. At least its not regs ;)
  10. It's just a color bro... to be honest purple is WAY too overrated.
  11. Well, purple isn't really the best indicator of quality. Sometimes coloration is in the genetics, but most of the time growers temperature shock their plants, inducing very heavy purple saturation which can be classified as frostbite on cannabis.
  12. oh. well that sucks. at least i know what to look for next time i pick up..
  13. yea after growing and looking at strains most of the purple strains have like 12% or below THC. there are some good purps but i would rather have a 20% THC content.
  14. true true

    The fluffier the nugs the better the weed in general. Course this is coming from someone who occasionally buys weed thats < dank. MIDS BIATCH!!
  15. Well, THC isn't the only deciding factor in potency. It's the cocktail of all of the cannabinoids combined that really determines it. ATM I believe we can only identify 5 or 6 cannabinoids, but marijuana contains over 50, so it is actually very difficult to figure out the potency by only 3 cannabinoids.
  16. sweet. thanks alot for clearing that up.
  17. yeah dude def. mids that sucks
  18. looks like schwag :-\
  19. Here's my question. Did you get high? It looks stoney, just not worth what you paid. You'll learn quick, don't worry.
    That's true about purple. The cold will do it to many strains.

    Hey, why not G13? I grew that strain this year. No fair. lol :D
  20. these were mids half a year ago when this was posted, and they still are...

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