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Discussion in 'General' started by Live-4-the-dope, Sep 3, 2002.

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  1. To prove my legitamacy and for you to test my product i am offering 1/4 of either White Widow or Silver Haze for $25 to first time customers and to the US and Canada only.
    Please dont call me a scam for posting here... after all i need to get my buisness out there somehow.
    Just give me a chance.. please.
  2. wow these scams keep getting worse and worse. He didnt even leave his contact info, hmm and I wanted quarter for $25.
  3. heres a hint- find a better way to scam
  4. here\'s another hint....thats illegal...BIZZITCH...thread closed
  5. Good lord how dumb can you get?
  6. shouldent ur screen name be something like ImNotaNarc69?

    hehe.. who the fuck would buy weed offa the internet?
  7. dammit..i could have sworn i closed it!..let\'s try again
  8. ehhh fuck..somethings wrong with my cookies....im oo lazy to trya nd figure it out...therfor I hereby announce..thread OPEN!
  9. hahaha. i know a site in the UK where my brother orders good quality weed. he does it with his debit card,and the weed comes the next day recorded delivery

    its good cos our town is always dry
  10. good job nubbin!!

    you officially took the dumbass spotlight off of the thread starter

  11. HARTY HAR HAR!...GOTCHA NOW SUCKAS!!...sure..it oook me like three days, but i got around to it..and this biznitch is closed!
  12. Lol Finally. =)

  13. yeah..i get a little retarded after drug use
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