1.4 for $15

Discussion in 'General' started by CABNumber, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. So I was thinking what do you guys think if some one were to sell you 1.4 white widow for 15 dollars would you keep going back to them?

    I was gonna go for 1.8 for $15 but then that meant I'd be selling them an eight for $30 which is ridicules.
  2. id be skeptical about the quality of the weed.
  3. 1.4 for 15 would definitely get me to come back over and over. I have to pay 20 for ~.9.
  4. Why are you buying such puny amounts?
  5. I get very high quality for 10$ a gram, so no I wouldn't buy that, but then again I'd wonder why not buy and 1/8 and stay supplied for longer?
  6. shit i'd be happy if i got a gram for 15 here
  7. I can't find anything for less then $20 a gram so if it was the same quality then yea I'd get it..

  8. Really wise that?
  9. thats a pretty good deal i get some wondiferous kush about the same price and im happy with the situation:cool:

  10. No bullshit really you get a gram for $10?:eek: I find that hard to believe.
  11. Somebody made the comment about $30 an eighth being ridiculous, and some other person said $10 was all :O.

    I pay 10 a gram, 30 an eighth, 55 a quarter, 110 a half, and 210 an O.

    With that said, Imma go get a half.:)

  12. "why is"

  13. well Im ashamed to say this but my pants just got a little shorter:devious::laughing: Just Kidding.

    But on another not you my friend are a very lucky person if i got an eight for $30 Id be kissing the sky every day. :smoke::D:smoking:

  14. Wow no need to correct me if you know what i mean right?:confused_2::p
  15. If it's legit then hell to the motherfucking fuck yes.

  16. lol well yea...just thought I'd show you how it's supposed to be said. If you did it on purpose that's fine...I thought you really thought it was "wise that" not "why is that".

    Was just pointing it out..

  17. Oh it's legit it's so legit it hasn't even started flowering yet haha:D.
    No but on the real I'm not the type of person who would lie to a customer just to get money.I'm actually just selling so I can keep on funding my growing and maybe a little extra cash.
    Yup just trying to get high of my own supply.:smoking::yummy::ey::cool:
  18. Yes, that is a good deal. Do it, do it, doooooooo ittt! :hello:

    See how excited I am for you?

  19. Oh okay man it's cool no biggie.:wave:
  20. Damn, i'd definately keep coming back. Around here its $20 a gram for unkown and a quater for $100

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