1 3/4", planted germinated seeds last mon.

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  1. Good growth. (i think) they have big open leaves and are starting they're 3rd set, how am i doing.
    I'm running straight CFLs, i have 2 sets of 2 23w CFLs on Y adapters, and a 65watt 'lights of america' cfl, it its enclosure. with the 2 cfl 23w on the end of the 65w in my carboard square box.

    a 77-81 swing in temp, seems to sit right in that range, i have an intake near the bottom of one side, and an exaust at the top opposite corner same side of the box. and a peice of carboard on the inside along the side the intake is, with a slight cuve at about 5 inches in, that shoots the air across the top of the seedlings.
    sits at around 45-55 humidity.

    I also have a brown buttle bowl filled with water, with an airstone which sits directy in front of the intake fan.

    24/0 lighting.

    How am i doing? Growth wise? lighting wise?
  2. pics please.:hello:
  3. alright, one sec.
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    whats the deal with the second set of leaves having another set, coming off right before where the branch turns into the leaf part?? they all do that?

    I think (from seeing other pics and vids, for example http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/602768-memeheheh-my-first-grow.html) ) im getting good growth, no stretch what so ever, they're filling out quite nicely, and staying short, i've seen some of them get to 3-4" before they grow they're 2nd/3rd set..

    i dunno, what do you think?
  5. suzuki,,yea lookin good. no nutes for 2-3 weeks_ its still a little baby:p does your pop bottle planter have drain holes?? the short node space means you have good lighting!:hello:
  6. Nice plants man. They're going to be bushes if you LST haha.

    How many do you have?
  7. I have been growing using CFL since Oct. last year- my experience is they prefer 18-6 or 24-0 with some 8 or ten hours darkness every few days.

    When i tried 24-0 for a longer time, it looks to me as growth slows down a little.

    Do you have tinfoil reflector inside the grow box?
  8. blkwhtdog: yeah, the two that are in pop bottles have like 8 holes in the bottom, and they're sitting in another bottom of a 2 liter to keep the bottom suspended.

    akhans: thats what im hoping, i have 9, in a square cardboard box, painted white inside.
    i'm getting a taller and longer carboard box tomorrow. at what week should i start lsting them? its been about one give or take a couple days, maybe another week?

    keitanakano: no, but my big cfl has an all white enclosure, that reflects down, and i have the box all white inside and fold down the two side lids when im not doing anything with them, so i think i have good lighting and distance from the seedlings, and from what blkwhtdog says, i guess im golden.
  9. suzuki squid: yes white background reflects pretty well. I have seen improvments just by adding sheets of tinfoil, compared to a cabinet that is all white inside, and a small metal box, which has silver paint on the inside. before adding tin foil behind the CFLs, it used to turn pretty hot but tinfoil stays cold.
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    tinfoil is usless really, been proved less effective than even white paint i think(or just been proven usless altogether lol), & then theres the issue of the hot/heat spots it creates(although that shouldnt be an issue with CFL lighting)

    OP the plants look good, how many you got going? guess your adding more light for flowering lol

    also 1 tip, light getting to the roots is bad so once you start seeing roots round the side you may want to repot in something not clear(just refering to the 1's in bottles), anyway good luck dude
  11. mills69: roots and light = bad? I have many plants growing inside plastic trays from frozen food to me it looks they do not care about that at all.
  12. yea google it or search around here, i dont know if its just MJ plants or a gereral thing but light getting to the roots aint good, (hence evey1 getting told to repot when using clear pots lol) kinda obvious i guess as their ment to be underground lol, im not 100% what it is but some guy on here pointed me to a interesting read & pics basically the roots harden off/die/dry out or something, il see if i can find the link

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